Monday, May 12, 2008

Wandering and Wondering

Yesterday was spent in my very favorite outdoor activity. (Get your minds out of the gutter, this is a family friendly blog!) Biking!

We all rode up to the Upper East Side, dropped off Little Squid at Hebrew School and then, minus one squid, did a quick loop of Central Park, including the Great Hill.

Notice the pylons and orange tape? The NY Road Runners were holding a race (or, according to a friend, multiple races) in Central Park. They blocked of 2/3 of the park loop for the runners. Got to tell you, we saw a constant stream of runners, but not enough to merit them roping off 2/3 of the loop. There were far more recreational runners, skaters and bikers in the single remaining lane then there were racers. At least based on what we saw, arriving (we think) before the race began and doing our loop after it began.

Halfway through our loop -- where I passed Squidette (aka the pre-teen speed demon) on the Great Hill -- we drifted over to Levain Bakery and picked up some yummies for breakfast. Finishing the loop, we rode over to Carl Shurz Park and soaked up some sun while dining al fresco.


Resuming our saddles, we peddled back to the synagogue, only to run into some good friends waiting to be picked up for Mother's day. Since we schmoozed long enough, we also got an unexpected visit with their daughter and family -- who are also our very good friends. It gets complicated ...

Retrieving Little Squid, we picked up some bread and cheese and rode up to the Harlem Meer for a picnic lunch (yeah, it was really close to breakfast but Little Squid also wanted to dine al fresco). Then a second climb of the Great Hill, where Little Squid passed me but Squidette did not, and a completion of the loop and home. 25 miles for 3 of us 13 for the 4th but we're counting all 25. Little Squid and I have a date to do 12 miles and a picnic breakfast next Saturday while Squidette is at band practice. That will catch him up nicely.

Some pictures of the views from our breakfast and lunch spots.

Neat rooftop structures just south of Carl Schurz Park.
Mount Sinai Medical Center (also on Fifth Avenue)
More interesting roof top structures.
Can you really believe you are in Manhattan?

Quote of the day: "Why don't they leave when they're done?" uttered by Little Squid regarding Squidette's friends hanging around the apartment for a while after finishing their school project. This resulted in Mike and I bursting into simultaneous bursts of giggles.


Susan said...

I love it how someone has trees on the top of a building. Sounds like an awesome day.

Cookie said...

One day, he will be thankful that the ladies hang out after finishing their work. *L*