Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Waterfalls and Riding Around Brooklyn

This morning we went on a breakfast ride to the Brooklyn Fairway. To get there, we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and got another 4-Waterfall view.

Number 1: The Manhattan FallNumber 2: The Brooklyn Fall
Number 3: The Governor's Island Fall
Number 4: The Brooklyn Bridge Fall ... as seen from the walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge
While Little Squid rated them one "awesome" yesterday, today they were old hat.

Replacing them on the awesome scale were all the cool things along the waterfront behind New York City's first Ikea.
In order to ingratiate themselves into the neighborhood, Ikea fixed up the waterfront and preserved some cool details left over from it's heyday as a working waterfront.

Oh, and this? What NYC does to protect it's plants on the day of a big parade.


Anonymous said...

Even on the second day the falls rate an AWESOME from me. I love the Brooklyn Bridge fall.

We just got an IKEA too. I've been there once. The parking lot was a horrendous experience. Then I got inside and the workers were WAY RUDE! They were probably rude because they were just OVERWHELMED with people, but still... I haven't been back since.

KnittyOtter said...

How many Falls do you all have there?

How much money is that costing y'all? o.0


Ina said...

Thanks for the excellent tour! I've been meaning to bike around to see the waterfalls, but the preserved bits of waterfront seem MUCH more interesting.

Susan said...

Oh more great pics. And how I wish there was an IKEA in the City. I would love to go there.