Saturday, June 28, 2008

Of Waterfalls and Weaving

So the buzz about town is the Waterfalls. Having heard so much about them we set out, as Squid will do, on our wheels.

Riding over to the Hudson River Park, the Now-Teen-Speed-Demon took the lead and I took off after her. Following were Little Squid and Papa Squid. For a while the NTSD was riding at a nice clip, 15 - 16 mph or so. After the first mile and a half she slowed a bit to let her mother catch up (I was actually right on her wheel) when suddenly I hear "pass mommy." Two seconds later, Little Squid sprints past me, followed by his grinning father. Then he slows down and I'm stuck in the rear with NTSD two blocks ahead of us. The path is too crowded for me to pass them easily and anyway, they'd just speed up on me if I did.

So on we pedaled, down the Hudson River path, detouring past the lines for the Statue of Liberty ferries and back uptown on the East River path. And then, a block past the Governor's Island Ferry slip we saw the first Waterfall.

Oh wait, not that!
This! Click to enlarge and look way in the background. Above is the Governer's Island Waterfall. Below, the Brooklyn Waterfall.
Below, again, the Brooklyn Waterfall
The Manhattan Waterfall up close.
The Brooklyn Bridge Waterfall from three perspectives.

And, an empty loom.
Yes, that means that it was only two weeks from warp on to warp off. Warp speed?


Penny said...

two weeks?! wow. stop tempting me with that 'instant' thing.

did you get caught in the other waterfall of today? wow. that was a spectacular storm. our building had a pipe burst and basement flooding. joy joy.

KnittyOtter said...

Can't wait to see what you made on that loom. :D

Nice waterfall. I read about that somewhere and thought of you.


Dee said...

I saw the BBridge waterfall on the news.

I love your pictures of the falls. Very interesting.

Susan said...

I had seen a story about them on the Today show and was hoping I'd get a Squid Tour. Thanks! And ummm do we get to see the finished weaving now or should I anticipate until fall?