Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What I Do for Love

... schlep a dressy suit to school, on the subway.

... walk four long blocks, in the blazing sun, in high heels, in a dark suit.

... abrade my heels with the straps of the sandals (strange, they didn't hurt when I wore them a few weeks ago).

... spend an evening celebrating the accomplishments of his students and sharing in his pride.

Yeah, I'd do it again.


Back story

Mike asked me to join him for the annual Awards for Excellence ceremony held by the Campaign for Stuyvesant, a group working to build an endowment for our alma mater. When I arrived there I immediately hooked up with two Assistant Principals and a glass of wine.

I was guided around the room and introduced to various students, most of whom he described as "awesome," and one as "one of my knitters." To the knitter, I pulled out my current sock in progress and she was astonished to see that I knit real garments and that it was not another sock puppet. Gee ... make three recursive sock puppets and some funky character socks and you get a reputation ...

Eventually we were moved to another room, fed (much to Mike's relief as the food had disappeared as soon as I walked in to the first room and I was complaining about being hungry), and presented with the evening's honorees.

Each kid walked away with a substantial check, except for the kids representing the fencing team -- their check was for the support of the team.

Will I go back next year? Yup. Even with abraded heels.


Cat said...

That is true love. Glad they had food in the next room for you.


knitseashore said...

What a great evening! It's nice to hear about students being honored for *good* things.