Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recursives in Squidland

Remember when I teased you with this picture?

No? Really?

How about when I kept mentioning a mystery project and promising to reveal it any day?

Not that either, huh?

Well that's because I was asked to make a very special, secret project that Papa Squid would then reveal in his classes. Unfortunately he never got around to it, despite my nagging.

So, after all that, I am finally revealing the secret project. Current Stuyvesant High School students are asked to swear an oath of secrecy and state that you will never reveal what you are about to see to any student in Z's classes next year. Let them mine this blog all by themselves or rather, be surprised when the items below are finally revealed.

And so, after putting enough words to fill in the space so that the secret has to be scrolled down to ... I give you ...

A sock puppet.
And the sock puppet's sock puppet.

And the sock puppet's puppet's puppet.
Rear view. Yes, they have heels.Have I mentioned how much I love my husband. That I would do this for him? True love, I tell you, true, everlasting love!


Cookie said...


Love the puppets!

Love the Squids!


Paul said...

HA! They are just AWESOME! And I love the devilish looks in all the faces modelling the sock puppets! What fun!

Kristen said...

They are adorable! What will he be doing wth them in his classes?

Victoria said...

Ok LOVE THEM! Those are too cute! Pattern somewhere?? hmmmm? sharing maybe? selling maybe??? :-D

SJ said...

That is way too funny and I can see how you could take it to an extreme!

ikkinlala said...

Those are just perfect!

Judith said...

Am I the only one who sees those puppets and thinks, 'cactus'?

JessZ said...