Saturday, July 05, 2008

Finis on the Fifth

Rainy day here in New York City so no riding for the Squid. Instead, a trip to Costco for new glasses for the squidlings; to Ikea for lunch; to Fairway for more groceries and then home for the day.

Once home, we tuned into to the Tour de France and I got busy on my Green Jersey project. During the last two kilometers I had to pause to concentrate on the finish line, but returned to my project during a viewing of The Inspector General.

Not forgetting my promise to finish stuff, I cut the yarn ends off of these socks (yup, that was all that was needed)and worked with Mike and Squidette on this project. Most of this one is done and ready for the mail. Just need a few more addresses and a final check with my folks.
Which brings me to this question: If you invite someone, who you know will probably not come, to an occasion, is it interpreted as "hey, I'd really love to have you there," or as "send a gift?"

Please chirp in here because there are a number of people with whom I am on the fence because I do not want to seem to be gift fishing.


Susan said...

I never feel that it's a gift solicitation. Rather, that the folks would love it if I were able to come, and a way to share the joy of the occasion.

These last few days sound like they've been almost perfect. A blend of errands and projects and entertainment without any stress.

diann said...

"I'd really love to have you here."

If you didn't send an invitation, I'd be sure you forgot me on purpose, and would be miffed. And you never know, plans might change.

Penny said...

i had that stress with wedding invites, especially since i had less than 10% of the invites. it is seen as support and we'd love to see you. it wasn't seen as gift fishing at all. and i know that on the other side of things in not receiving an invitation (due to mixup by family with our address and our NAME, esp. since they got our inlaws right and it apparently kept bouncing back.. ANYWAY) we were a bit upset not to receive one even if we knew we couldn't make the event. (please don't take *that* the wrong way)

fillyjonk said...

In my experience - since family and friends are fairly far-flung and don't always have up-to-date communications, I take it more as a, "Hey, have you heard that this is happening?" than anything. (And second, as a "Wish you could be here").

Gift-fishing, not so much. Unless the sender encloses an envelope specifically for the check to be sent, or some kind of little note like, "We're trying to raise $10,000 for our honeymoon" or some such nonsense.