Saturday, July 05, 2008

Finishing on the Fourth

I thought about making the day all about finishing but decided against it. Instead, I finished one knitting project and one spinning project and made progress on one of each.

Finished, one pair of gift socks. Recipient yet unknown.Finished, twisting up washed skeins of what was supposed to be Mike's next sweater. Since I do not think I have enough, I bought a whole lot of shetland roving to start over. No idea what this stuff will become but there is about 1500 yards of it. (Not all pictured here.)
Made progress on a project involving a whole lot of these and then went and bought more. I hope to mostly finish this project today.Did a lot of spinning and finished listening to the latest Janet Evanovich novel, Fearless Fourteen. It was the first time I listened to one of her books instead of reading it and I have to say, the characters are even clearer in my mind now. I really have a good feel for what Ranger is supposed to look like. Whew! Hot!!!

Basically, it was a stay at home day, except for Squidette who went and had waterballon fights with her friends. When she returned, we all went to services and then to see the fireworks.It was the first time seeing them fairly up close for the kids. Our view was somewhat obstructed but it beat the occasional burst that we usually see from our windows. Yes, it was raining.

Now I am the only human awake in this apartment (Mike is out running). The kids are getting some well earned sleep after which we will go order new glasses frames for them. Another quiet day planned here at Chez Squid.


Susan said...

Oh I love recorded books! And somehow since my brain isn't occupied with reading the words, it's more likely to come up with images of the characters. And on're right!

Oldpatterns said...

I think I know what the stamps as for. :) Congrats on completing the project on the loom. I'm looking forward to seeing it! Perhaps a peek at it now that it is off the loom? Or is that part going to take much longer? your cuz