Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunrise on Top of the City

We went for a little walk this morning. Leaving before sunrise, we hurried through deserted streets in order to catch this sunrise.

Sunrise with pigeon

Then we spent some time gawking at the views. Yes, we gawked like tourists.
Except instead of reading the cheat sheet, I quizzed the kids on what some of the buildings were.
Figured out where we were?
We see the very top of this building from Squidette's room. This will, when we ultimately sell this apartment, allow us to advertise it as having a view of ...
The Empire State Building!
Yes, it is true, this was the Squidlings first visit to the observation deck of the Empire State Building.


Squidette said...

You might think the view would help you, but its really not a great view. I can see the light at the very very top blink on and off, and just a little bit of the pole before that. But when its cloudy the clouds show up all colorful over there because of the lights. =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

Happy New Year to all the Squids.

Penny said...

isn't it a nice view? we see it almost every morning. *sigh*

Kristen said...

What a nice clear morning for watching the sunrise in the city.

Knit Geek said...

Lovely. And it totally belies my belief that you have to be in the country to see a beautiful sunrise. Thanks for sharing!

Cookie said...

Early morning Squid!

Happy New Year to Team Squid!


Dave Daniels said...

The few times I've been up there are some of my favorite memories. It's no surprise that it's their first visit. I have yet to take a swan boat ride in the Boston Public Gardens. (And I hope I never do!)

sarah said...

What an exciting early morning adventure!
Happy New Year, Squids!