Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tourists at Home

Continuing what we started yesterday, the Squid once again set out to be tourists in their own city.

Today's destination was the Transit Museum where, unlike yesterday, we have ventured before. The exhibits have not changed much but it is always fun to walk in and out of the old subway cars and play with the turnstiles.

Then we decided to walk back into Manhattan in order to get some Dim Sum at our favorite spot in Chinatown. My original thought was that it would be fun to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge in the falling snow. This was while I was still envisioning the snow as light and fluffy.

Look closely at the temperature in the photo above.

Our innate intelligence took over, however, and we took the Manhattan Bridge instead. The two bridges are mere blocks away in Brooklyn but considerably further apart in Manhattan with the Manhattan Bridge dumping one directly onto Canal Street and Chinatown. The wind was howling and the snow was NOT light and fluffy but rather hard and piercing. Mini drifts swirled around our feet as we descended from the bridge.

Walking quickly to our destination (or as quickly as the perpetually crowded streets of Chinatown will allow) we sat down and practically inhaled our dumplings and a whole pot of tea downed as we warmed up from the walk. Temps in Brooklyn as we crossed the bridge were 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 Celsius).
We then tramped around some more in search of red bean pastries for the kids and donuts and bialies for all.

Now home and warm we are settling in for a quiet New Year's Eve. May this year bring you nothing but good things!


Mary said...

A happy New Year full of adventures to the Squid Family!

Anonymous said...

Just 57 more minutes until 2009.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

When it's 28 degrees in NH in winter, that's a WARM day. I'm just saying...