Monday, January 05, 2009

Fused Biofuel

As you may know, I tend to have problems in the kitchen. Mike has periodically banned me from said room but always rescinded the ban when he realized that the counters were not going to clean themselves.

When I move into hyper mode I tend to shove food into my mouth. That food will be whatever is handy at the moment so it can be either healthy or unhealthy. I tend to keep snacks at work that are in between. Healthy when eaten in moderation, unhealthy when eaten to excess. Things like peanuts, whole wheat pretzels, craisins, chocolate covered raisins ... That's what prompted my latest culinary disaster.

I decided to make popcorn.

Not the prepackaged, chemically laden stuff that you stick in the microwave but plain, barely salted popcorn. And I was using our handy dandy microwave popper. And I asked Mike how long to microwave it for.

See what happened?

Need I say more.


Anonymous said...

Ewwwww...I bet that smelled appetizing. There is nothing worse than the smell of burnt popcorn in the microwave.

Kristen said...

You asked his advice, so, technically it is Mike's fault, right? ;-)

Cookie said...

I guess Mike and the Squidlings will just have to wait on you hand and foot. ;^)

My mother did the microwave popcorn thing at her office years ago. She read the package, set the microwave for the time on the package and walked away.

She returned to find men with fire extinguishers and a group of people standing around trying to see what was going on. An hour later, there was a memo outlawing microwave popcorn.

To this day, she doesn't really think she did anything wrong because the package told her five minutes on high.


Penny said...

Tee hee. One family I baby sat for (in 1992) still mentions how I learned that microwaves have different wattages because I said to the older son "well, i always put in for X, we should be ok." I stopped it before it *all* burnt but I had to -- as babysitter -- eat all the burnt pieces. Somehow I still LOVE popcorn.

We have an airpopper ....

knitseashore said...

There is always the bag of Smart Popcorn, if you are in a crunch. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

At least there's no cooking involved. I feel your pain...