Sunday, January 11, 2009

Working Out at Work

Since mid-October I have spent most Saturdays at work. Turns out that my new job is in the same building the Boro-wide band uses and, coincidentally enough, both of my children are in the band. So, while Mike was in charge of drop off, followed by marketing, last year (Squidette made her own way home), I have taken over the drop off and, now, retrieval duties of both children.

Notice that marketing was dropped.

I don't actually retrieve the kids as much as wander down from my office at the appropriate time and return home with them in the car. Since I am a nice gal, I also drop off another band member who lives on our route.

This means that I am spending 5 or so additional hours at work each week. And am spending most of them in physical activity.

Most weeks I've spent the time working on cleaning up and organizing a book room. This is in an attempt to get a handle on what books we have and what we need and also, to get some organization where it is sorely lacking. Book room work requires much lifting and climbing. I figure I'm getting my weight lifting done. Hey, text books are NOT light!

This week, however, I gave my abs a workout instead. It was totally unintentional.

On Thursday, my Principal and I put together a visual representation of the school program. This involved writing every class out on half a colored index card (a different color for each period) and then stapling it to a bulletin board.

We have 39 teachers and they each teach 5 classes.

On Friday I was fine. On Saturday, when I repeated the action multiple times, as we changed the program, I felt it in my abs.

Apparently stapling above one's shoulders works the ab muscles.

Who knew?


Dee said...

Real life meets gym life. Saves money for sure. ;-)

Knit Geek said...

Your at-work workout sounds so much more fun than mine - walking on a treadmill and listening to my iPod.