Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow Day? Yeah, Right.

New York City does not readily close its schools.

The weather folk are predicting up to 12 inches of snow.

We are watching the news right now where the school closings are crawling across the bottom of the screen. Looks like the Arch Diocese has already closed all of the Catholic Schools in Queens. Will the Mayor close the public schools. Not likely.


Once, a very long time ago, we had a HUGE snow storm. Out in Queens, where I lived with my folks, we got 18 - 24 inches over night. The Mayor and Chancellor declared, from their posts in Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn, that the streets were clear and schools were open.

From my apartment in Bayside we were looking at streets that had not even dreamed of a plow, let alone seen one.

In order to get to my high school in Manhattan (I was a student, not a teacher) I had to take a bus and two trains.

Did I mention that the streets in my neighborhood had not been plowed? And that there was at least 18 inches of snow on them? The buses were not running.

The District 25 school board overrode (?) the Chancellor and closed the schools in my neighborhood. My father informed me that there was no way I could get to school and I went back to sleep.

The Chancellor fired the District 25 school board.

New York City does not close schools.

I better go find my boots ...


Penny said...

I'm dreaming too...

Penny said...

LUCKY!!! Now can you make both the F and the Q not work so I have a reason not to go in?

Kristen said...

My district closes at the drop of a hat, which means make-up days in the nice weather. We already have about 8" here.
Maybe you will luck out today. Or everyone could call in sick...

Anonymous said...

Maryland doesn't know the meaning of snow. They close when it is in the forecast. And delayed openings? Without fail every morning after there has been some precipitation and there is SOME ice. Despite all the snow days here... I miss New York anyway.

Littlest squid sister.. is that my name?