Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!

Says it all ... except ... why couldn't they announce it last night ... or before I got up and showered.

More later.


Penny said...

We're jealous. took an extra HOUR to get to the office. ice + train doors do not mix well.

I knew I should've stayed in education. *SIGH* A Snow day would've been very very nice today. Enjoy it for me please!

Cookie said...


I wonder why they wanted so long to tell you when it was clearly last night that there would be too much weather for anyone to go in this morning.


Elizabeth said...

I'm sure they didn't want to be accused of jumping the gun, but it is a pain. Enjoy the day off!

Marni said...

Ugh, we had the same here. The city schools and nearly 400 others announced snow days last night, but my son's daycare sent out a cheerful notice at 7 PM saying they expected to be open and then whammed us at 6 AM with the closure announcement.

Hope you were able to enjoy anyway!

Susan said...

When I saw the news of your storm on tv I was hoping you'd be snug at home enjoying a snow day. Yay..hope you had fun.