Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Not Mini-me but yes, Oh My!

Remember this post? I'll wait. Go all the way to the end, please.

May I please brag again?

Little Squid,

in concert,

on stage,

at Carnegie Hall,

with the New York Pops,

Monday, April 27!!!

(Playing the flute.)

Excuse me while I kvell a bit.

And a bit more ...

Yeah, I'm just really proud.


Penny said...

mazel tov!! yay! i'm proud too. maybe one day come no-school for either of us, could i play some duets with a flute player who's played carnegie? i've never played carnegie and probably never will.

Dave Daniels said...

Congrats, LS!
I've never known anyone to play at Carnegie Hall. That's quite the prestigious event!

Mary said...

Very nice! Congratulations to Little Squid!

Cookie said...

How wonderful!


Susan said...

And well you should be! Quite the impressive family you have there. Congrats on being rewarded for all your hard work, LS!