Sunday, March 06, 2022

Making Mistakes

 Making mistakes

As a general rule I am not afraid of making mistakes. Whether it is a cooking mistake, a sewing mistake or a knitting mistake, I take it with aplomb and the attitude that it wasn't a mistake, it was a learning experience. (Except for cooking, I don't view those mistakes as teachable moments but rather excuses for why someone else should cook for me.)

Take for example my latest scarf project. I joined the "As You Wish" mystery knit along because it was from a designer I like and paired with yarns from a dyer I adore. I cast on Tuesday night and over the course of the next few days made a fair amount of progress. I also made a fair number of mistakes. 

The first mistake was not watching the video for the first special stitch. I got cocky and figured I was doing it correctly from the written instructions. Feel free to laugh.

I persisted, however, figuring that no one really looks too closely at the stitches.

Finally, a couple of inches later and an entire color change, I gave in and watched the video. Oops!

Did I rip out my work and redo it? Nope. I soldiered on using the galloping horse theory of crafting.

Then I started the next section and immediately messed up the stitch count. 

Did I stop and rip it out then? Nope! I just fiddled with increases and decreases figuring I’d get the correct number eventually.

This morning I spent a delightful couple of hours on this new section. I did watch the video for the newest stitch (wasn't going to make that mistake again) and kept going. Lost in the book I was listening to, trying not to cry, I knit and knit, changing colors and slipping stitches like a pro.

And then I actually looked at the front of the piece.


Did I rip then? Sort of. I started pulling back a few rows, determined to not start over. But the yarn was sticking to itself and eventually I came to the realization that if I was ripping back this much, I might as well start over. 

And this is why my new scarf looks like this (not a spoiler).

Picture of two balls of yarn, one pink and one ivory and a small pile of tangled looking yarn from the ivory ball.

Time for lunch.

I'll start over later.


Unknown said...

Ohhh. I hate it when that happens because I am also a soldier-onner. Sigh.

Unknown said...

It's Lisa, by the way.