Friday, May 26, 2006

Fleet Week

One would think that I would be a bit smarter. After all, on Tuesday I noted the arrival of metal barricades lining the West Side Highway near the Intrepid. Then on Wednesday I noted the arrival of the first ships. Even yesterday, as I was walking to the car, I mentioned to Mike (via that forbidden cell phone) that I should avoid the West Side Highway because of Fleet Week Traffic. So, what did I do? I let automatic pilot take over and before I knew it I was on the West Side Highway at 96th Street -- in bumper to bumper traffic. D'oh! (For purists, this portion of road is actually called the Henry Hudson Parkway and then the Jackie Robinson Parkway. It becomes the West Side Highway at 57th Street, then 12th Avenue and then West Street. It is a strange road but we love it.)

For your pleasure:The fuzzy shapes in the background are the masts of some of the Fleet Week ships. The streets near the piers were floating in a sea of white uniforms as the sailors started to take their leave in our fair city. For the next few days we will walk around and smile and wave at these wonderful men and women and, where possible, point them in the right direction. I love Fleet Week, I think it is cool and I love that our city has a chance to host our Servicemen and women. The traffic? I can figure out how to avoid it. This is one time when I do not curse the invading hordes.

Yesterday, the military was doing fly-overs all day. I got to see the undersides of two of the passes and it was very cool. Mike, however, did not feel the same way. Having been downtown on 9/11, he found the sound of the planes a little freaky. I do understand this.

If it is not raining, we intend to walk or ride up to the ships tomorrow to get a closer look. We tend to do this every year, almost at the crack of dawn -- to avoid the crowds. We don't get in line to tour them -- we just gaze from afar. Uptown, however, is no longer our destination for this week's bike ride. The congestion on the bike-running path near the ships will be too much by the time we return. The current plan is to go down and around the southern tip of Manhattan on Sunday and maybe over the Brooklyn Bridge and back. We have reserved spots in the Tour de Brooklyn on Sunday, June 4. Anyone want to join us?

And for those of you who need your fiber content:
This is the last of the ??? wool, all predrafted and ready to spin. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow ... Will it be done by Monday? Come back and find out!

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