Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

(This is going up a day early since Mom, Dad and little Sis are heading to Boston tomorrow to see the kid brother.)

A quick, Public, Happy Birthday to Mom! This is the wonderful woman who came in to my life when I was just 12 and, poor woman, had the dubious pleasure of dealing with my teenage years. Fortunately this did not put her off kids and due to her, I have 4 great sibs instead of the 2 I had back then. It is Mom who taught me to load a table with food and always ask myself "is there enough?" Even, when the table is already groaning. She tried to teach me to shop but never managed to succeed. Much more luck was had with my female siblings. When you think about Nature vs Nurture ... Nurture wins out here. Happy Birthday, Mom, Mud, Joan ... you know who you are.

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