Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Random Tuesday?

There is a new addition to my sidebar -- we are now tracking our mileage for the season. I'd add a graphic but I am not particularly good at that kind of thing.

The latest, not blogged about trip, came about out of my need to exercise outside instead of on the stationary bike. My favorite form of outdoor exercise is roller blading and I got a new pair of blades last summer that are much cozier then my old "Darth Vader boots." My solo skating quickly became a family event when I asked Female child if she wanted to join me. Then we asked Male Child ... and then Mike, who was just finishing up his morning workout on the stationary bike. And off we went, me on my blades and everyone else on a bike. You can guess what happened of course ... I got one of the best cardio workouts ever since I had to push hard to try to catch up with them.

I hear that my kid brother and his fiance are now thinking about getting bikes. Did we inspire him? Do I have to point out that he does not know how to ride a bike? But hey, that is cool, I can't dive and he is a certified life-guard. I, however, am unwilling to learn how to dive at this point in my life and he is willing to learn to ride a bike. Go Josh!

Biking has been a part of my life since I was about 8. I love getting on 2 wheels and exploring new places. You can get much further, faster, on wheels versus on foot. You get far closer to your environment then in a car. During summers when the rest my family would be swimming, I would be out on the bike path and all around town.

My first year in college I brought my bike down to DC with me and had a great time exploring that city. While my bike never made it to Ithaca, no room in my dorm, it got heavy use after I moved back to NY and Mike and his Mom taught me how to ride in Manhattan streets.

For years I used it to commute to work, first from a 5th floor walk-up (yup, I schleped it up and down the stairs) and later, shorter ride from my mother-in-law's place after bringing Female child to her by bus. It was faster then the bus and I loved the feeling of not being confined in a bus or train.

I stopped commuting while pregnant for the second time and have sorely neglected my bike since then. I have so neglected it that I actually no longer own a bike of my own. Mike owns 3 bikes -- the Lotus (now our trainer, stationary bike), the Sequoia (his first fancy bike) and his Bike Friday, the folder. My bike was given to a friend when we cleaned out his Mom's apartment. When we go out as a family, I now ride the Sequoia -- I am sorry I ever scoffed at the price. It is a magnificent ride. Both kids ride very good bikes and I am glad that I did my research prior to purchasing Female child's first bike. They have both learned to love this as much as Mike and I do.

Enough about biking ... this is supposed to be a knitting blog.

Both the bee-stripe socks and Pomatomous are coming along. Both heels are turned and off we go toward the cuff of one and the toe of the other. Woven was neglected as it was too hot to have her on my lap at night. The ??? wool is mostly plied now. One more session will finish it up.

Have a lovely Tuesday.


Laurie (Moo!) said...

Please don't stop talking about biking. You are inspiring me to get out there and ride! DH bought me a Trek about 6 years ago. I think I've ridden it 3 times.

Please post a photo of your Pomatomous socks. I think they're next on my list.

What yarn are you using?

Lola Lee Beno said...

I'm thinking about getting a bike someday. It's been quite a while since I last rode a bike as a kid (I didn't continue because my father wouldn't buy a new bike when I outgrew the one I had and that was over 30 years ago or so). I hope I can relearn how to ride a bike and keep my balance . . .