Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unexpected Life

I did NOT plant Morning Glories this year. So, why ...
do I have 4 Morning Glory plants growing?

I do recognize them. Morning Glories have been a staple of my little balcony garden ever since I started it a few years ago and discovered how pretty they are in bloom. I love futzing with them and training them along my string trellises to try to get a nice effect. I did not plant them this year because I have had a persistent problem with some sort of bug that winds up killing them and almost everything else on my balcony. Instead, I only planted things that seem to resist the annual infestation -- tomatoes and daisys. I did not even water the pots that used to hold the Morning Glories. But then, it rained. And it rained. And one of the pots was near the edge of the balcony so it got wet. And it got sun. And old seeds sprouted. Now I have morning glories growing and I had to rig another trellis in a year when I had sworn off fiddly gardening because of the construction. So much for that. I cannot intentionally kill a baby plant. (Unintentionally, sure but not intentionally.) And so I will have Morning Glories. Yea!!

Tomorrow I should have both knitting and biking content.

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