Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fantasy and Reality

Yesterday was a day of contrasts. While exiting the subway we encountered a view of Ground Zero. At that point we decided that it was important to educate the kids as to the significance of that giant construction site. I went through what had happened, some of which Squidette remembered and all of which was essentially new to Little Squid who was just 4 when it all happened. He knew that there had been a World Trade Center but had not understood. Sadly, innocence is now lost and he asked a lot of questions and then, as I kind of knew he would, wandered out of his room at 9:30 p.m. in tears about all of the dead people. We talked some more and he returned to bed somewhat comforted. Sometimes reality is a rough place.

Reality, however, is also somewhat ironic and the sign over Century 21 attests. (The view is of Ground Zero from the Winter Garden. We were standing where the entrance to a bridge to the World Trade Center once existed.)

We then turned to lighter matters as we studied the Kite exhibit flying high in the Winter Garden.

The kites were neat but less then we expected (the write up made it seem like the kites were all different).

Sauma was amazing and better so for being unexpected. It is an interactive installation including Sight and Scent Bubbles representing 3 cities -- Paris, Budapest and Helsinki; velcro jackets for those who want to be close and, disposable wedding dresses.

We then walked uptown, touring the monument to the Irish Potato Famine and a wonderful sculpture garden just south of Chambers Street. The kids got a short playtime in at a playground in between the two and then we did lunch and hung out in the air conditioned apartment for the remainder of the day.

Notice that my mini-socks got in to the act as they found feet -- and ears -- to cover. The sock even fit one of the feet!

Now to pack for our trip and take my photos for Sunday Socks.

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