Friday, July 28, 2006

Squid on New Wheels

There he is -- the Little Squid on his newest set of wheels. I know it looks like a kid's bike but in reality it is a full size folding bike with with the handle bars lower then they are supposed to go (The seat is not at its lowest setting.) The nice guys at Larry and Jeff's cut about an inch off the handle bar post for us. When (if) the Little Squid needs the extra height, years from now, the post can be replaced for little, relative, cost. The shop folk also threw in a bell and water bottle because we are such nice people. (O.k., they probably did it because we give them a lot of business and the Little Squid is pretty cute.)

The Squid then all conquered the Great Hill in Central Park with Little Squid passing Mama Squid on the uphill. I am suitably embarrassed. Unfortunately, about 2 miles home, Squidette bonked and was crying when we finally made it to our exit. (Bonked is apparently the biking term for "hitting the wall." ) She simply ran out of energy but managed to finish the ride. We all got off the bikes and walked the last half mile with Papa Squid holding her bike as well as his own. All of the Squid ran through a set of playground sprinklers before going up to the apartment to inhale large quantities of watermelon and water. In the future we will pack more carefully for a ride of this length on such a hot day. We wound up being out an hour longer then yesterday (for the same milage) and it felt hotter. [Squidette is just fine -- a shower and some food and fluids brought her back to herself again.]

And in conclusion -- a monkey in a tree, just for the heck of it.

Now to figure out what knitting I am packing for the trip.


A Non Blogger said...

Cool Blog, nice bike!

Ann said...

The Squids are heading for the cornfields!!!