Thursday, July 27, 2006

Squid On Wheels -- A Thursday Ride

No exciting destination or good food. Today was all about the riding as we pedaled up to and half-way around the Central Park loop. Then the ride got exciting. We exited the park on the East Side at 90th Street and headed to our favorite bike shop on Second Avenue (the 87th Street "Larry and Jeff''s" if you care) where the little squid tried out a new bike, a Dahon folding bike. After a bit of adjustment and several sample rides it was determined that we had a bike that could enable him to more easily keep up with the larger squid and also have a bike that will grow with him until well after puberty. The bike is having the handlebar stem trimmed a bit and will join our family tomorrow afternoon. The current littlesquidcycle is going to a friend who lives near the bike shop -- we will ride up, claim the new bike and drop off the old one with our friend. Little Squid also got a new helmet which, assuming no accidents, should last until near puberty.

I am now the only person riding a "hand-me-down" bike with a "hand-me-down" helmet. (Mike found a better helmet about 3 days after buying the one I now own.) I rode the Bike Friday today to try to get used to it. Right now I still think I prefer the Specialized but I will give the Friday another chance tomorrow.

On a bike accomplishment front -- all 4 squid rode the "Great Hill" in Central Park. We all made it up and only one squid was breathing hard. I have got to get in to better shape.

Tomorrow, the same ride.

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