Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This and That

First and foremost, profound apologies to my yarn angel and the organizers of dye-o-rama. You guys did a great job and I apologize for being impatient. I will say no more until the promised yarn comes through. I know that the angel is doing this out of the goodness of their heart -- I offered to be an angel -- and I am properly appreciative. My words for the person who snuck out on her responsibilities however ... after all, she got her yarn.

On other topics ... this morning I went skating and was finally able to snap a picture of this:

a ghost bike. Ghost bikes are placed where motor vehicle caused biking fatalities have occurred. This one is located on the Hudson River bike path right by the entrance to the NYC tow pound. The biker was killed by a tow truck leaving the pound. As I passed this spot today, a tow-truck operator was gently honking his horn to warn the path denizens.

The couch shopping was a bust as the one we really like will not fit in to our elevator or through our very narrow door. We are now broadening the search and are first asking "can it be taken apart for delivery" before we commit our hearts to such a large object. Fortunately it is not an urgent need so we can take our time.

We did order a new coffee and end table. The coffee table's top raises so that you can comfortably work on a computer or even eat a meal on the couch. This would have been useful during the construction. It also has two compartments under the table that look like perfect storage for circular knitting needles!

I did get the "linen" shopping done and the kids now have 2 new sets of sheets each and we all have new towels. The old towels will now become "sprinkler / camping towels" and the current sprinkler / camping towels will become the cleaning rags that they already resemble. All of the new stuff still has to be washed but that is a task for another day.

Tomorrow we are hoping to do something physical, perhaps a ride in Central Park ...

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Ann said...

Lots of random stuff..but interesting to me about the ghost bike.

I would have been impatient about the yarn's ok to not be noble all the time...bitching is perfectly acceptable. :o) (..and I don't think you have been doing that..just venting a bit)

I love the idea of those tables that can be elevated. Those would come in quite handy.