Monday, July 03, 2006

Vacation Starts

Dam! No, really -- the Kensico Dam. We loaded up the bike rack and drove to White Plains for our first out-of-city biking experience. We were planning on riding a stretch of the Bronx River Parkway which is shut for biking every Sunday but it turns out that it is only shut during May, June, September and October and this, of course was the first weekend in July. There is, however, a nice paved path that heads to the Kensico Dam and so we took it. It was a different sort of ride -- the going was necessarily slow due to the nature of the path so the kids found the hills tough since they could not get up speed before hand. I found the hills tough because I was trailing the male child and was going even slower. On my own, the hills would not have been a big deal. They were short so just as you run out of energy you are at the top -- at least at my normal pace.
The ride was only 6 miles as opposed to the 14 we were expecting but we got the experience of loading and unloading the bike rack and finally figured out how to get all 4 bikes on it.

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out in the playground and in the apartment. I carved out a small corner of my balcony to spin in. The contractor has totally taken over my balcony. :-( Dinner was a lovely chef's salad containing homegrown cherry tomatos. This year promises to be a good tomato year for us.

Our day with friends on Saturday was lovely. At some point we looked at our watches and realized that we had been there for 6 hours. The day just flew as the kids played nicely and the adults just talked and talked and talked. I finished the edging for my second trekking sock and got some work done on my Child's French Sock from Vintage Socks.

And in, conclusion, here is my sock waving to Ann's sock waving to Susan's socks waving to Cookie's socks.


Ann said...

I am reading through your post today thinking OMG that much time on a bike would leave me bed ridden for a week. I then arrive at the bottom of the blog and find your sock joining the sock wave. It made me laugh outloud.

No one in the office with me today, it was quite acceptable, and quite funny.

I guess most normal non-knitting non-bloggers would think we were off our rockers--and we might be, but all of those flag waving pictures made me giggle.

...and that's all that matters.


fillyjonk said...

Maybe we need to do an "infinite sock project" like that "infinite cat project" that's out there - where knitting bloggers progressively take pictures of their socks "waving" to pictures of socks on the screen.

hm. Now I have a post-idea for today.

Cookie said...

My socks say hello and want to know if yours like soccer.