Friday, October 20, 2006

Dreaming ...

Of Rhinebeck. Last night my dreams were of waking up and getting dressed for Rhinebeck. Each and every time this dream occured I had to convince myself that no, I had to get up and dressed for work instead. Squidette had a similar night. Strange, no?

Oh well. Tomorrow is actually Rhinebeck and I am desperately behind in figuring out how to identify my Bingo Bloggers. Last night (and still this morning) my computer keeps disconnecting from the network so it is rather frustrating. Surfing at work is not an option so I suspect that knitting may be suspended tonight in favor of blog stalking. I have memorized a few unique knit items that will be worn by my squares and am sorry to say that Woven is not nearly as obvious as what some of you will be wearing. My appologies to my stalkers. I will be wearing a "I'm a Square" sticker and may be wearing a "Squid on Wheels" sticker. If Woven is removed due to warm weather, I will be wearing my Squid on Wheels tee-shirt so I should be easy to spot later in the day.

Unlike others out there, I am not setting limits on my purchasing except to say that no equipment that is too big for my tote bag will come home with me. I am looking for a small set of Hazel Rose looms and will probably get another Bosworth spindle. Fiber from Stefania is also a probable -- I need more for the mitered sweater -- and I really wanted another few batts from Grafton Fibers but after the Yarn Harlot's praise of Linda's batts I suspect that her booth will be mobbed. That combined with the fact that since The Fold is usually right across the aisle from Grafton Fibers, that building should be packed! I do not do well in crowds so I am counting on my aunt and daughter to keep me moving.

Yes, my aunt is coming down this year and we should have a good time combing through the aisles. She is a horrible enabler as is Papa Squid so I suspect I will wind up with far more then I need or can use in a life time. My real shoping goals ... sock yarn from small vendors that I cannot find in a LYS. I do not like buying off of the web sight-unseen and I do like "souviner" yarn, stuff that you cannot get anywhere else. Last year I did not by any pre-made yarn -- just roving and washed fleece -- this year I think I will buy some yarn. My sock yarn stash is pitably small compared to others. Honestly, I only have enough for 5 pair of socks!

To keep Papa Squid interested I have charged him with the task of finding the fibers for a sweater for himself. They can be in fleece, roving or yarn form. Papa is coming along because Little Squid wants to come this year. So ... Look for the entire Squid family plus Aunt and Uncle!


cookie a said...

I can feel it, you're on the slippery slope to sock yarn addiction!

Have fun at Rhinebeck! I wish I could go.

That Other Cookie said...

I bet Squidette could wiggle into those packed stalls and get batts for you. Just a thought. ;^0

Have a lovely time!

Susan said...

Oh have a wonderful time! I'm not jealous, really I'm not. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. :::goes off muttering 'not fair, not fair' *G*

linda said...

blog-stalking :) yup, that's what i'm doing too. looking for little hints...maybe i'll see you there-you're on my card. happy travels!

Kirsten said...

It was wonderful to see all of the Squids so actively engaged in Blogger Bingo yesterday. You are all just as fun and enthusiastic in real life as you come off in your blog!