Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Open Letter to My Husband

Dear Mike,

Years ago you tried to convince me that you would not turn 21 because the probability of becoming "over-20" was far less then the probability of staying under-20. At this point the odds are almost even and in another year they start going against you. Despite this small bit of absurdity I loved you then and after many more years, and much more, larger bits of absurdity, I love you even more.

Your sense of humor is often at the level of a third grader but then it is just as often at a graduate level. You love the silly, sublime and the absurd. (That would be Squidette, Me and Little Squid.)

You are incredibly intelligent and loving and sweet. The years have made you even more interesting and complex and every year I discover more and more reasons to love you. Without you my life would not be complete.

I love you so very much.

May this birthday be one of many, many more.

All my love,



cookie a said...

Happy birthday, Mike! May the two of you grow very very very old together!

That Other Cookie said...


Happy Birthday, Papa Squid!

Susan said...

Happy Happy Birthday Papa Squid! May the coming year bring you many more miles on your bike and many more happy times with the rest of the fantastic Squids!