Monday, February 19, 2007

A Day on Squid Mountain

And so our intrepid Squid took to the slopes,
The weather was cold But they knew the ropes.

The Squidlings they went off to camp without stressin’
And Mama and Papa joined up for a lesson.

And ‘lo did the have the same teacher as last
Who assumed that Mama should just have passed.

But with grit and with vigor Mama stuck to her guns
And treated the spectators to two very slow runs.

Down the mountain she came, terrified all the while
Greeted by Papa with a very large smile.

The parents they took to the lodge for some lunch
While the Squidlings enjoyed a late morning brunch.

Then off to the mountain did Squidette then go
And partially up slogged our Little Squid, Oh!

A little bit scared and a little bit frightened,
The Squidlings still ended the day somewhat brightened.

They made themselves proud even though they were scared
And came home to hugs from the people who cared.

And so ends day one of the Squids’ winter journey,
We hope no one returns to New York on a gurney.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Another exciting Squid day..and who knew you were a poet???