Sunday, February 18, 2007

Squid in the Snow

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

In the land of the Squid
In the time of the Snow
The Squidlings once begged
It is time we did go.

To visit our brethren
To frolic and flee
From the dirt of the City
They said it to me.

And so we departed
Like Squid all a fire
And started our trip
To the mountains of 'Shire.

We drove through the morning
And almost 'til noon
When we thought we would stop
To pick up a spoon.

For food we did need
The poor Squidlings creeled.
And so we did stop,
In the Land of Springfield.

What sights we did see,
The kids they did chertle
To see Papa's sock
Near Yertle the Turtle.

Then 'round the next corner
The Squidlings, they flew
To see the next sight,
Thing One and Thing Two.

Then Little Squid gasped
And laughed with the fun
To see the Who
On the elephant, Horton.

Having seen their brass friends,
The Squid picked up the pace
They kept on driving
As if in a race.

A race to the snow
To the powder so deep
That a Shepard could easily
Lose track of her sheep.

When finally long gone
From the City they'd fled
The Squidlings they finally did,
Climb on a Sled.

Through the snow they did slide
And floundered around
And the Doggies did help them
Get off of the ground.

Then in to the house
They went with all a buzzin'
To have a good time
With their littlest cousin.

More fun in the snow
Will follow this post
But now we must munch
on Hot Chocolate and Toast.


Susan said...

Oh what a fun post! I had no idea there was a Dr. Seuss place! You just find the best things.

And your poem...delightful. Even the dog smiled as I read it aloud.

but umm, I see no bright scarf on the Little Squid.
Knit on! and have lots of fun in the snow!

Dave Daniels said...

Now THAT looks like a lot of fun. Was there any hot cocoa involved?