Saturday, February 17, 2007

Goals for the Week

We Squid are now enjoying our mid-winter recess. Today was a quiet day as we ran errands and cleared the decks for the rest of the week. My folks came in for some quality visiting time and a private concert by the Squidlings. Tomorrow we get busy! With that said, I have major knitting goals for this week.

I absolutely, positively, must finish this scarf by the end of tomorrow. Got to be able to distinguish my Little Squid in the snow!Next up is this:
What is it? I'm not telling! All I will say is that Papa needs it as a teaching prop by the time school starts up again.

As for these, well they have a chance of being finished but the two projects above will take priority as of tomorrow morning.And Mermaid? She will see plenty of progress when I need to switch to smaller needles. Only half an inch to go before starting the toe decreases!

Other yarns are waiting in the background in case I finish all of these. Any bettors out there? Will I finish all four projects? Will I flake out and start a fifth before any are done? And what about Naomi?


Ann said...

Those are some pretty terrific projects you have on the needles! I am really impressed with those mermaid socks.

Susan said...

the flying fingers of Devorah. I'm thinking you will finish the Little Squid scarf and the Papa Squid project...but after that, it's anyone's guess.