Friday, February 16, 2007

Squidly Office

I had the opportunity the other day to photograph the controlled chaos that is Z's office. It is far more creative and much more interesting then my own office, so I thought I'd share.


Captain Underpants, Klein Bottle

ChthuluDust Puppy, Egg Kalidescope, Magic 8 Ball

Papa Squid is a unique teacher. If you ever bump into someone who graduated from Stuyvesant High School after 1992, ask them about Mr. Z. You should get some interesting stories.

Feel free to ask questions about the various bits and pieces. Most have interesting stories behind them.


Cookie said...

Every office should have a trebuchet.

Susan said...

Wow so much to see. If I were there for a meeting, I'm afraid I would have to work hard to keep my attention on the matter at hand.

the chicken? I once, while visiting a patient, decided to take the "scenic route" home rather than hit the interstate. Once I arrived in a neighborhood where there were dead chickens hanging by the front doors, I decided that the interstate was truly a wondrous thing.

and...nice to have Pooh there to keep things sane *G*