Tuesday, February 20, 2007


As I sit with my laptop
Typing one-handed
My nephew, he coos
And acts like he planned it.

While mommy went skiing
and so did the cousins
Nephie and I
communed with the dozens

Of family members
Left behind in the lodge
While their others were
Weaving and doing the dodge

Around those cute moguls
And under the lifts
Waving at mothers
Watching in shifts.

Up on the mountain
One child, he did
Ascend and descend,
My Little Squid.

He conquered his fear
And rode up the lift
And down he did ski
Really, quite swift

Squidette found her place
on a small little slope
and amused herself silly
that cute little dope.

And hence ends our tale
Of Squid on their Skis
This might be repeated
But you have to say Please.


Cookie said...


Squidette said...

I AM NOT A DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KnittyOtter said...


Y'all are too cute! :D

Susan said...

These poems have been such fun! What a great way to share the adventure