Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home Again

And my urge to blog in rhyme is gone. Sorry.

The last few days were wonderful. My sister and her husband are great people and my nephew is just the cutest, sweetest baby I have ever met ... since my own.We all gained new skills and new confidences on the ski slopes and grew as people. Originally, Little Squid did not want to ski this year after coming up short in comparison to Squidette the year before. To get him to take the lessons, I had to promise to do the same. Since I do not believe in breaking promises to kids, Papa and I took a semi-private lesson. (We shared it with each other.) We got lucky and had the same instructor as last year -- and she even remembered us! Despite the easiest slope being closed, she got us up and down the mountain twice.

At the end of the first day, three squid had descended the easiest available beginner trail and all had found it kind of scary. Two squid opted for not skiing on the second day, one got up his courage and promised to go down the mountain and the last squid wanted to ski but only on the bunny slope. That same squid was a bit offended by her stanza in yesterday's verse so here is her correction:

Squidette found her place
On the Bunny Hill

And went up the rope tow

With balance and skill.
She also kept an eye on her brother and let us know when he went up the mountain. This guaranteed a cheering section when he came back down.

This morning we were all up early and hit the road before 9:00. Others would have stayed and skied some more but we are home-squid and wanted to be in our own abode by dinner time.

Once home, laundry had to be done.

This is how many wool socks Squid wear in sub-freezing weather.They are now scattered around the apartment on top of convector units, drying.

On the way home we passed this "tree." Any of you have cell trees in your neck of the woods?
Knitting did get done. As you can tell, Little Squid's scarf was ready for skiing. Also finished was the mystery project. That project will only be revealed after it has first been used for its (their) intended purpose. The first mermaid sock is done and I fully expect to get to the heel of the second sock today. We Squid go to the dentist en masse and I have the dubious pleasure of being the last one in the chair, so lots of knitting time.

Later, pictures of the blocks for the latest school blanket and of my Journey Wheel.


Cookie said...

I'm so glad you all had a good time and a safe trip. *hugs*

Sally said...

He he he, I like the 'tree'. We have many of them here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. I like it when they attach branches to them; it's impossible to tell them apart from the real thing! (Did the sarcasm come through clearly there?)