Saturday, April 28, 2007

Got to Remember ...

to check for errata before starting a project! A difference in the cast on number can make a huge difference in the pattern.

I got to the point of dividing for the front and back when I realized that something was wrong. After assuring myself that it wasn't me, I did a quick google and discovered that the cast on and first two rows of the front were written incorrectly.Frogging ensued.I am now half-way back down the neck after some quality playground time this afternoon. We'll try that dividing thing again later tonight.

Meanwhile ... here is the lace scarf I have been channeling my excess energy into. It required focus to keep on track even though it is a simple pattern. I started this over a year ago when I was in an "accessories" phase. When I picked it up again last week, however, it did not scream "wear me" but rather whispered ... "give me to a bride." And so, with my brother's blessing, I am sending it off to my soon-to-be sister-in-law, may she wear it well.

The yarn is handspun (by me) lace weight merino silk. I probably have more than enough for a second scarf should I so choose to make it. The pattern is (I think, I lost it) Bias Lace from the 2005 Pattern A Day calendar.

We did get out for an early ride this morning, hitting the road by 8:00 a.m. Up to Fairway to pick up the fixings for a picnic breakfast. Over to Grants Tomb to eat said breakfast (muffins, scones and bagels). Then over to the first apartment that Mike and I lived in in Manhattan. Look up at the very top floor of the center building. That was ours. A tiny, one bedroom, fifth floor walk up. This building is really neat. The owners bought it because they loved the neighborhood and wanted to live there. We stayed for 3.5 years until it became time to enlarge our family a bit.Round the corner to the Buddhist Center ...This statue was practically at the epicenter of the Hiroshima nuclear attack.

Then down Riverside Drive and home. 13.3 miles.
Squidette had some friends up to work on their science fair project which led into that quality playground time where I was the adult to Little Squid's child. The young ladies, of course, did not need an adult to supervise. Eh hem. Hey, these kids travel the subways alone -- why do they need me in the playground?Oh, and there might have been a trip to School Products ...
The three skeins of lace weight cashmere are all meant as gifts. The other two skeins of silk-cashmere ... well hey, I'm not made of stone!
And it is autographed by Berta! (Berta gave Squidette her very first pair of knitting needles, 6 or 7 years ago, because she was such a cute and well behaved kid.)


Cookie said...

When is Little Squid the adult to your child? ;^)

Gorgeous scarf and fiber goodies!

Ya know, I'm old enough to be the mother of those girls and I'm not sure I'd feel comfy alone on the subway. *L*

/waves @ Little Squid cause it's his turn ;^)

Susan said...

What a fun day! That scarf is awesome and to think you spun the yarn yourself. Whoa!

I would have commented sooner but I got lost over at School Products. I'd heard of it but never visited there. Thanks for the ride *G*

Sprite said...

I just LOVE the way you spend time with your children. Esp. considering that your job is SUCH a full time and demanding thing.

Children navigating subways? Omgawd.. I need THEIR help when I come to NY to visit!!

Jaye said...


I love the scarf! It is beautiful, delicate and sure to look fabulous on the upcoming Caribbean cruise! Not only do I love the material, but the pattern is very unique. Thank you for thinking of me.