Sunday, April 29, 2007

Soft Food

We are brainstorming here at the House of Squid. Mama will need soft food for a few days this week. Papa is getting ready to make rice and chocolate puddings but I'm thinking that something savory might be a good idea. I am, however, stumped. Oh, and the rest of the family also has to eat and for some reason we are stumped on that front as well. Skillet Lasagna has been requested and will fill both "soft food" and "family food" categories. Any other suggestions? (Yes, we do usually manage to feed the family without too much trouble. It's just this week ...)

Yes, it seems that my little accident did more to my face then originally assumed and my dentist made the catch -- hence his insistence that I see his friend the plastic (and facial) surgeon. A little bit of "wait and see" and a lot of experience on the part of the latter seemed to prove the point. So, repairs are being made Tuesday morning.

The lace I was working on last week? A way of distracting myself. You see, I've known about this repair work since last Thursday but only just told Squidette this morning. Now I can go public. I wrapped the lace up all pretty last night and it will be delivered by my folks when they visit the happy couple next week.


Cookie said...

(Crock) Pot roast cooked until it's soft and falls apart when you look at with mashed potatoes and cooked carrots?

Okay. Now I'm hungry. *L*

I am so glad that your dentist caught it and sent you off to see someone good. *huggles*

fillyjonk said...

I don't know if you're vegetarian or not. If you are, disregard this advice:

One of my favorite "comfort foods" is creamed chicken (sometimes A/K/A chicken a la king). Basically a white sauce (but made with broth) with a shot of sherry in it for flavor, and then small pieces of well-cooked chicken.

Just chicken BROTH is good too. When I had my wisdom teeth out, my mother boiled up a couple of whole chickens and made a very rich broth (cooked it down for a long time) and that was a wonderful thing to have when I couldn't chew.

Various yogurt-based things are good, too - and plain yogurt can be pretty savory. I had an Indian friend in high school who used to mix a hot chutney her mother made into plain yogurt.

There's also a tzatziki soup that's basically yogurt with shredded cukes and mint and parsely in it. Seems to me that would be both savory and pretty sustaining.

Of course, not sure if kidlets would go for tzatziki soup (I wouldn't but that's not because I don't like cukes; it's because they don't like me). But maybe some kind of soft chicken dish would be good.

"Loaded" baked potatoes (with sour cream, cheese, chives, etc.) are also an option.

Bean dishes would probably work as well. Cooked beans get pretty soft. Dhal or other lentil dishes...lentils get really soft when they're cooked; they become kind of pastelike.

Susan said...

Now I'm getting hungry. I love the roasted vegies/potatoes and gravy. And loaded baked potatoes. Oh and chicken and real noodles. And then there is always milk shakes *G*. Tuesday is all about YOU!

Sprite said...

Dang. It's late and I'm hungry. And so very sorry you're having to go through MORE - stuff - about your face. *hugs*