Friday, June 29, 2007

Que Serra Serra

After work today, I rushed downtown to meet the rest of the family at MOMA. Friday evenings are free so we decided that this would be a nice way to kick off the summer.Currently on display are the works of Richard Serra -- HUGE pieces of steel that defy imagination. Some of them I found really cool, like this one above and below, others made me wonder "why?"After getting our fill of Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinsky and others, we headed home. First, however, a stop at Myzel's where I met Camilla and got to purchase and eat some amazing chocolate. We chatted about art -- she agreed with us regarding certain works -- and made a new friend. If you are ever in the area, a visit here is a must. It is a small, family owned business and we will certainly do our best to keep them in business if we can figure out a way to ride there safely. (Camilla explained why Elk Candy went out of business. It is a sad story.)Heading home, we passed City Center and I got to show off my knowledge of its history as a Masonic Temple. The bottom picture shows a glimpse of its terra cotta covered dome. Not a pterodactyl covered dome. I read about this recently in a work of fiction and was amazed when I looked into its history. My pictures do not do the building justice. It is really lovely to look at.Now we are whiling away the evening and I am trying to get into vacation mode. Sadly, I forgot to do something, so I do have to swing by the school on Monday to finish up. Only about 5 minutes should be spent inside, so no big deal even tho I did obsess about it for most of the evening. And no, we do not have a new principal yet.


Susan said...

Y'all just do the coolest stuff! I'm thinking that after your 5 min task at school on Monday, you should stop by Knitty City and pick out something for an "hey, you did a great job in school this year" gift (NOT a reward.)"

Mary said...

Looks like you'll be in full vacation mode very soon!

I agree, Mama Squid did a great job in school this year and deserves a little treat of the fibery kind.