Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday in Times Square

We started today by going to see The Simpsons Movie. Following established tradition, we saw the first showing of the day -- 10:45 a.m. Yeah, my kids don't know from crowded theaters and evening movies. Odd thing, that.

After lunch we took a walk to the Times Square area. Heading uptown I finally got a good view of this building.
It is the new headquarters of The New York Times. To my eyes it looks very newspaperish. I think the architects did a good job on this one. I've always loved the fact that Times Square is named for my favorite newspaper, even if they did just reduce the size of the pages.

Then we headed down 42nd Street, that former den of iniquity and I tried to explain how seedy it was when we were kids. Since I was unwilling to explain what a peep-show was, the kids got only the vaguest of ideas as to what I was talking about. *blush*The New Victory theater was one of the early renovations during the mid 90's. It went from being the first XXX movie house to being the first theater geared towards children. When the Squidlings were younger we had subscriptions for a couple of seasons.

Below, 3 view of one of my favorite McGraw Hill buildings -- there are a few of them. McGraw Hill is kind of like MetLife in terms of property ownership in Manhattan. There are a few different buildings named after each company with very different styles of architecture. This one evokes a feeling of a ship going out to sea -- at least for me.

Our journey to Times Square was two-fold. We had to retrieve Squidette's clarinet from the repair shop and were were hoping to find the Kwik-E-Mart. Unfortunately the store had reverted back into a normal7-Eleven but there were still some vestiges of Simpson-mania around.
Simpsons Donuts

On the walk home we spotted some laundry on the line. Not a common site in the heart of the Big Apple.
And, we did a spot of grocery shopping. Can you figure out what we are planning to do?


Penny said...


Dee said...


I think my two favorite NYC building are the Flatiron Building and the Chrysler Building.

Your pictures really perk up my day. I love seeing the architecture through your lens!

Kristen said...

Someone let poor Jasper out of the freezer! My husband and daughter have been to the Simpsons already, and I'm sure one of them won't mind going a second time so I can see it. At the matinee, of course.
Thanks for the architectural tour. The Times building resembles a stack of newspapers.

Mary said...

Love the picture of the laundry on the line!

Dave Daniels said...

Another great city tour. I can't believe it's been 6 years since I've been there. At least I can visit it from an insider's eyes.

Debby said...

Thanks once again for a great tour in NYC! I love seeing the architecture through your eyes, and reading about your adventures.

I admire all your riding in this humidity -- I'm a wimp!

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Smores! I love smores! hey! Wait for meeeeeee... LOL