Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some NYC and the Second Annual Squid on Wheels Contest

Yesterday the kids and I did some touristy stuff combined with our errands. Periodically my squidlings get commercial on me and actually want something. Since this happens so rarely, I tend to give in. This time, however, I was only willing to give in if they spent their own money. And they did.

We went to the Build-A-Bear Workshop on 5th Avenue where they got a lesson in economics as well as marketing. Oh yea, and a cat, each. Below is Little Squid's cat -- notice the pants only half pulled up. Kind of like how Little Squid used to dress himself. Later, at home, the kids got busy making beds, pajamas and underwear for their friends.

Along the way we worked on Little Squids knowledge of his environment, quizzing him on the layout of Manhattan and how he would get home from various places. He still needs a lot of work but I think he got the clue.Ganesh outside a restaurant on the Upper East Side.
It speaks for itself. If I actually I.D. it I will just get spammers on the blog.

And finally, the second annual Squid On Wheels contest.

If you read this blog from the main page, you may have noticed the Squid On Wheels totals over on the right. The mileage has been creeping up over the summer and we are close to passing last year's total. Weather permitting, the mileage will continue to rise right up through the end of the year. It is your job to guess how many miles the Squid Family will ride by October 31, 2007.

Note that I only include miles ridden by two kids and at least one adult. The adult-only rides from earlier in the summer did not count. If you need some help putting your guess together, go back through the archives to get a hint of at least one ride that we have planned for September.


One entry per person.

All guesses must go in the comments for this post so everyone can see your guess and so I have them easily accessible.

Contest entries close at the end of August 31.

Prizes: A skein of high end sock yarn (enough for a pair of socks) of my choice and some yummy NYC chocolate. And maybe some other NYC swag. (Yarn will be chosen with contest winner in mind and will not come from my stash.)

Caveats: If a family member wins (extended family, not immediate squid) then the yarn will be transformed into socks. Squidlings and Papa Squid are not eligible in this forum.

The 2007 Squid on Wheels cycling jersey.


Kristen said...

I've never been in a Build-A-Bear so didn't know you could build other animals too.
I'm guessing 720 miles by Oct. 31. Will you be throwing in a Cycling Squid patch too?!

Susan said...

I'm jealous! I love, love, love Build-A-Bear! I have a lamb but I had to get it on eBay (it was a seasonal thing..and a bit abnormal. It came with 3 hearts). And someday I will have a yellow kitty too! The Girl says I should get one for my birthday.

Cookie said...

Ya'll have been so busy!

Penny said...

Is this a quiz to see how good i am at recalling what you've posted? ;)

Hmm.. (I often walk by build-a-bear and american girl... on the other side of the street.)

let's see.. i'll be 28 that day so i'll say 820 miles. :)

SJ said...

I will guess 749 miles -- no scientific method to my madness at all, just a guess!

CygKnit said...

I'm going to go low and guess 620. I think you'll go more, though :)

knittin'_kitten said...

My guess is: 874!

ikkinlala said...

I'll guess 777 miles.

Yes, I'm just too lazy to move my finger off of the 7 today.