Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Search of the Tunacorn

For several weeks, our family has debated the existence of the Tunacorn. Mama Squid is firmly in the "nope, doesn't exist" camp while the rest of the family are all for it.

With the premise for our adventure now established, your friendly, neighborhood Squid set out to determine its existence once and for all.

Off to the American Museum of Natural History -- a favorite stomping ground -- where we consulted with Dum Dum.
Nope, he doesn't know where the tunacorn is.
We then asked the Elephants ... nope, they didn't know either. So much for the elephants famed memory.Hey! Mr. Whale! Do you know where the tunacorn is? What about you, lizard head?
Maybe the museum's computers can help.Hey guys! Where's the tunacorn?!Nope, cool looking, but not a tunacorn.

The tunacorn!? Or not.Hey! Whale! I thought you didn't know where the tunacorn was! He was right in front of you!

And so ends our search.

End result: three Squid convinced of the existence of the tunacorn. One skeptic still at large.


Dave Daniels said...

That is my most favorite museum of all museums. (Is the frog exhibit still going on???) Are you sure it was tunacorn and not someone with a speech impediment asking about a unicorn (unihorn)?

Cookie said...

You are not alone, Mama Squid.

Ina said...

I heart AMNH (and the movie)! The "tunacorn" looks like a mutant shark to me.