Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Squid Knits Guide to the Homemade Egg Cream

The following guide is not to be taken as gospel. Everyone swears by their method of making the humble egg cream. This is how we do it.

You start with chocolate syrup. U-Bets is traditional but anything will do in a pinch.

Take a large glass, about 14 ounces and this is the shape that really works best.Squirt in about 1/4 inch (a little less then a centimeter) of chocolate syrup.
Add an inch or two (this looks like 2) of milk. Skim is fine but purists will probably insist on whole milk.

Now we come to the controversial part. May say to not stir until later -- we squid, however, like to mix our milk and chocolate together before adding the final ingredient.Add seltzer while stirring. My seltzer was a little flat -- the head should be much bigger and overflow the glass for the perfect egg cream.
Drink quickly. Egg Creams do not hold well and are to be drunk up, not sipped.

About a week ago I accidentally invented the Ginger Egg Cream when I mistook weak homemade ginger ale for seltzer. It was surprisingly good and the kids now occassionally add a squirt of ginger syrup along with the chocolate.

Little Squid also tried it with lingonberry syrup (thank you Ikea) and it was a likable addition. Not quite as refreshing as ginger, but still nice.


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Kristen said...

I recently picked up U-Bet at the grocery, never having seen it and figuring my son might like an alternative to coffee syrup. Nope, he's a coffee milk guy. Now I will need to pick up seltzer and try this out - it looks yummy!