Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tour de France -- Intermediate Sprint

The officials over at the Tour de France Knit Along headquarters have declared a sprint. We cyclists / knitters are supposed to make our case for either: why our project qualifies as related, our cycling history or, our love of France.

My knitting choice is actually obvious. I am knitting short socks for cycling with a bicycle motif on them. And, after my redo, I am definitely sprinting to get them done by the end of the Tour.

As for France ... well, my memories of it are not the greatest so I'll go for the second option and focus on cycling.

Long time readers of this blog might remember when we first became "Squid of Wheels" two years ago. Squidette had just moved from a mountain type kids bike to a small road bike. Little Squid was now riding Squidette's hand-me-down (gee, sounds a lot like this post).

It was then that our kids decided that they like riding, and liked riding distances. I liked seeing my kids challenge themselves and gain pride in their physical accomplishments. We are all over the mental feats around here, but the physical is often left a little on the side.

That first year each mile stone was cause for celebration. The first organized tour, the first trip across the Brooklyn Bridge, and the first loop of Central Park.

That year we rode almost 500 miles, including a season ending finale of 44 in the New York Century.

The next year we rode almost 750 miles, including a season ending 66 with rides in several states, including Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

This year? We are already up to 314 ...

We've ridden across the Hudson River as well as the Ohio. We've ridden in Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia and, of course, New York.

The Brooklyn Bridge is an old friend.

Our favorite stop is for Jaques Torres chocolate though the Brooklyn Fairway's for breakfast and Brooklyn's new Ikea for lunch are in close contention.

I tend to ride at the back of the pack, the Mama Duck position as I like to think of it. From there I get to watch the kids' legs and am the first to realize when it is time to raise a seat. I get to secretly smile with pride at how well they do and revel in the simple joy of being a family doing something we all enjoy. I get to think about how lucky I am ... and then I realize that in all of my wool gathering, they've gotten three blocks ahead of me. And I sprint to catch up.

And so, for my Intermediate Sprint, I remind you all, that we are Squid on Wheels. Tune in again to see where we go!


Kristen said...

It is wonderful that you bike as a family. Go Team Squid!

Susan said...

And I thank you for letting me ride along vicariously. I've gotten to know y'all better and certainly enjoy getting to see the sights along the way!