Sunday, March 26, 2006


No, it is not a metaphor. Yesterday I got an urge to take the kids to the Circus. We saw a commercial and the kids commented on the elephants. [They did NOT ask to go or even hint at it. My kids are really good that way.] That set me to thinking and I did a quick set of internet inquiries and determined that we should be able to easily get walk-up tickets to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus which happens to be playing just blocks from our apartment. After some quiet conversations with the other adult in the family we left it until today. This morning he was still undecided so I decided to bring out the big guns and asked the kids what they thought. I suspect you know their answers ... Female gave a big YES! and Male a "guess so." (He is much like his father.) So, off we went to the 10:30 a.m. performance.

I have not been at the circus since I was younger then the Male child and figured that I would be able to knit through it as I would through a movie. However, none of my current projects lend themselves to distracted knitting so I was forced to wind a skein of Claudia's Handpaints in the Turquoise Jeans colorway. Note: the Circus is NOT a good place to start a toe-up sock. The toe is rather wonky (but wearable) since I kept forgetting if I had increased or not as I was distracted by aerialists, clowns, horses and elephants. The circus was great and when it was over, the Female child looked me in the eye and exclaimed "THANK YOU! for taking us to the Circus." There was so much emotion in that one statement that I immediately regretted not going for slightly more expensive seats. Next year ...

(Male child also enjoyed himself but, as I said before, is much more laid back about it.) The sock is still very small -- the circus is not for knitting.

Question: Are Lion Tamers no longer PC? The animal trainer used dogs, cats and birds and the announcer said that a portion of all ticket sales goes toward Elephant Conservation. I do not mind the lack of big cats, I am just wondering.

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