Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where's the Tuna?

What does it say about me that I had to look in 3 cabinets before I found where we keep the canned Tuna? Then, I could not remember what kind of container the mayonnaise is now in and then ... I forgot that the handles of the pasta pot get hot. D'oh!

I had the pleasure of cooking tonight -- if you can call Mac and Tuna cooking. It is, however, a favorite of the kids and one of the few things that I can reliably make without charring. I used to not be this way. There was a time when I could turn out tasty and edible meals on a regular basis. What happened? Oh yeah, I remember, I had kids.

When the Female child was born, Mike said "you feed her and I will feed you." That started my road out of the kitchen. For the next few years the number of meals that I prepared got fewer and further between until finally, I managed to burn a dish I had made many times before. The next day, Mike called me at work and asked what I intended to char that night. My answer is unprintable but the rest is history.

Now, I periodically prepare Mac and Tuna or, Spaghetti and Clam sauce or even, Spaghetti and Meatballs -- if Mike has the meatballs in the freezer.

He does the shopping and has so taken it over that I have no clue as to what things cost. On the rare occasions that I have to do it he has to tell me what a good price is.

Please note that I am not useless around here. I do clean up after dinner and I make a mean packaged Mac and Cheese. I am also in charge of some holiday items like hamentashen, latkes and matzo brei. I used to be in charge of chocolate chip cookies but Mike has managed to overcome his jinx effect on them so they are no longer my responsibility.

I also knit nice warm things for everyone in the family.

Gloucester is now totally knit and joined at the shoulders. I will probably not finish the seaming until Thursday and then comes the crochet edging and a good wash and block so ... Watch this space say ... Sunday? (maybe Monday depending on drying times) The latest character socks should also be finished this week so keep looking!

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