Saturday, March 25, 2006

Closing in

I can see the end of this sweater in sight. The first sleeve is finished and the second on the needles. The buttons are purchased and I am raring to go -- once I am fully awake.

This week was exhausting. Just the thought of staying at work until 8:00 P.M. wipes me out mentally and the actual act does me in physically. I did get a lot of paperwork done and watched a group of kids view Mars through a telescope. The excitement they felt reminded me why I do this job. It is all about the kids.

We then started the weekend properly with a lovely shabbat dinner with good friends and then a trip to Fairways for groceries. Now there is food in the house and the weekend started in a relaxed frame of mind.

The sock-in-progress is taking form and now kind of looks like its intended character. Last night, Mike suggested the characters for the next pair. They will take some thinking to figure out the 3-D aspects and he will have to decide if he really needs them poking at his pant legs. They will also require a purchase of "Simpson-yellow" yarn. I already have the blue, leftover from the Elephant sweater.

Male child is now immersed in the Princess Bride (the book) having become obsessed with it after finally watching the entire movie. He is trying to do a credible imitation of the various characters. Female child is practicing her violin and looking very grown up in a pair of jeans that almost hit the floor. We finally found some pants that fit her tucked away in the recesses of her closet. We are truly blessed to have wonderful neighbors and one of them regularly passes down her girls' clothes to us. I do not torture the Female child by forcing her to only wear hand-me-downs, we do go shopping for her on occasion, but these neighborly recycles definitely come in handy when she has a sudden growth spurt. The girls downstairs also get a kick out of seeing their things on someone else. This pair of pants really makes the Female child look like a young lady -- a sight that kind of saddens and gladdens me at the same time.

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Deb said...

Hi Devorah,

I LOVED your blog. This first (last?) comment really touched me, as my 9 year old is also growing and becoming more "mature" filling me with angst as I watch her grow so quickly.

I loved the outings with the kids you described, as well as your post to your dad. One of these days I will take my daughter to the circus. We've both never been.

I'm not far from you, in Hazlet, and I work in Woodbridge a few times a month, so I know the areas you described. The park sounds lovely.

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog. I'd love to get more serious with mine, but I'm waiting for my camera stuff to be unpacked once my move is completed (hopefully in the next month or two).


Deb in Hazlet