Thursday, March 23, 2006

Parent-Teacher Week

This is Parent-Teacher conference week in the Z house. Tuesday, we had the pleasure of being the parents for two conferences and tonight and tomorrow we get to be the teachers. This means that little knitting will get done tonight. No, I cannot knit while waiting for parents. What I will do, probably, is clean my office. I noticed that the level of soot has become noticeable again so it is time to bring out the cleaning supplies.

However, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the latest in sock and sweater progress:Doreen mentions that she is also making Gloucester and has made a number of changes. Doreen -- where can we see it?

For anyone who cares, the conferences for our kids went just fine. It is always interesting to hear how differently their teachers experience my kids. One is turning in to a leader and the other is becoming more social. Both are good things but things that we do not necessarily see at home. Given our a-social tendencies it is nice to know that our kids can get past it and become social beings despite their parents.

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