Friday, March 31, 2006

Day Off

How do I spend a personal day? Well, since the whole reason for taking two days in a row was to be with my kids (their school was closed -- don't ask), I spent it with said kids.

Today we decided to seek out the Thomas A. Edison Menlo Park Museum. We got there just as a school group tour was starting and the guide was, from my perspective, fascinating. The kids were a little less impressed but in the end they also thought it was pretty cool. I would not make this the focal point of my day but it is a nice side trip for half an hour or so. The Edison Tower -- yes, that is a light bulb on top. The tower is falling apart so we could not go up.

After touring the one room museum, we hiked through the woods on the same trail that Edison used. We, however, were not thinking deeply but rather were looking for a Geocache. After about half an hour we decided to give up on this one and headed for lunch at a nearby mall.
Cool tree we found instead of the Edison cache. Hey, even bombing out has its rewards in this game.

Fed and refreshed we headed to Roosevelt Park in Edison and spent the next 2 hours searching for Geocaches. We seriously looked for three caches and less seriously for two more, ultimately finding 2 and setting one travel bug loose on the world.
Me and Female child in front of one of the cache sites. She is holding the super ball that she traded her travel bug for in a different cache. The photography is courtesy of the Male child.

Since we were intent on finding all 8 of the caches in this park, I spent my morning frantically knitting mini-socks to put in the caches. I now have 5 sitting in my bag ready for the next spate of caching fever. This means that I have made very little progress on any other project.

Gloucester now has one sleeve joined in and one side seam sewed. Lots more still to go. Maybe I won't finish it this weekend. My problem is that I have several projects very close to done and I cannot decide which one to finish first. I am ready to ply the Jacob that I have been spinning on the bike for the last few months, the latest character socks are nearing completion and then there is Gloucester. Eventually all will be done.

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