Monday, April 03, 2006

New Socks!

I was going to show you this:

It was an excuse for not having anything finished to show you. (Tangled mess = obvious reason not to finish socks.)

Then, however, I spent several hours in the playground and can now show you this:

and this:

and, as a pair, these:They are, the Futurama socks. The Grey guy is Bender and the Red guy is Dr. Zoidberg. Futurama was an animated program on FOX that went off the air and in to syndication several years ago. There is no official website and hence, no link. I will not link to fan sites since I have found some offensive (to me) material on some of them. According to Slashdot there will be new episodes coming soon.

Dr. Z. was the original inspiration for these socks since, as you can see, he is somewhat Squid like. (Let us forget for a moment that he is also rather Crab-like.)

The socks are knit out of Cascade 220 superwash and fit Mike's size 11 feet. Dr. Z's tentacles are I-cord as is Bender's visor. Yes, Bender really has 3 rows of teeth.


It turns out that I have a bit of an avoidance issue with Gloucester. Right now it is a bit too small and is fitting snuggly. I blocked my swatch using shawl techniques (LOTS of pins, stretched to its absolute limit) and think that it will block out just fine. Keep your fingers crossed and do not even think of looking for a picture of the finished object before Sunday. I need to allow a full day for it to dry while severely pinned to my bed. Obviously I cannot do this in the evening and I do not dare risk doing it in the early morning when I do not have a full set of wits about me.
I might do some crocheting on it tonight or I might instead work on Pomatomus. I admit it, I have jumped on the pomatomus bandwagon with some wonderful merino purchased for another, aborted, project. I do not usually jump on pattern bandwagons but after seeing them on another blog I realized that this is what this yarn was calling out to be -- and so it will.


Janice in GA said...

Holy cow, those are BRILLIANT!!!!

Yes, I'm a Futurama Fan too.

fillyjonk said...

Yay! I love Dr. Zoidberg!

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

hehehe Love the Futurama socks. I loved Bender. :D

PuppyMomma said...

You seriously need to start writing patterns for your socks! I'd make these in a heartbeat.

Caren said...

I love the Futurama socks! I have some grey Jawoll that would be perfect for a pair o'Benders! :-) Can you please explain more about how you did the I-cord and attached it for the visor? Thanks!

Jane said...

Awesome socks! Well done. :)

Brandy said...

Those are great!
I would really like to make them for DH. Will you share how you made them?

Janet said...

OMG FANTASTIC!!! Those socks RULE!