Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To Share or Not to Share ...

*** Scroll down to the previous post if you are looking for the Futurama socks. ***

A few people have suggested that I make my patterns available to the public. As much as I am flattered by the suggestion I cannot do so. The last two pairs of socks represent copyright protected characters and while I am reasonably certain that I am on a safe legal footing making them for my husband, (and yes, I have studied this section of the copyright law), it would absolutely be illegal for me to publish the patterns. What I am thinking of doing, however, is creating a guide to making cartoon socks. This guide would cover the basic principles and techniques that I employ when designing something of this nature for personal use. The examples I would use would be of my own creation. (This idea now has my mind churning as to new Squid sock ideas!)

Keep your eyes out for future postings which will describe either the full process or how the explanation can be obtained. I have a week-and-a-half spring break coming up when I can devote some time to making a proper product.

Meanwhile, for those of you who appreciate Elizabeth Zimmerman-style "pithy" directions:

Figure out your gauge in desired yarn.

Take a good look at the subject to be copied. You might want to start with creatures with simple features such as Squid.

Either: print the picture on top of knitting graph paper, sized to fit the number of stitches you have or ...

Keep the picture nearby to consult as you wing it. (I went with the second option). Knit. Place features where they belong. Finish sock. Knit second sock using same or similar methods.

To work the intarsia areas I knit flat for those sections and then sewed up the hole on the side of the eye / mouth afterwards.

Embroider any accents such as pupils and teeth.

Knit I-cord for tentacles -- keep sock at hand so that you can compare how it will look as the i-cord grows.

Sew on appendages and hide all ends.

Wear and enjoy! Be sure to photograph and email me so I can see!

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