Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Proud Mommy Moment

Leave quickly unless you wish to be assaulted by a mother's bragging. (And scroll down two posts for the Futurama Socks.)

This is another "Proud Mommy" post. At the start of 4th grade, my daughter's cohort was told that they could choose band or chorus. If they went for band then they would have to give up one recess a week for extra instruction. Since both children already play an instrument (violin) I figured that Female child would choose to sing instead of play.

Nope, she chose band and started a path to maturity that I could not have imagined. First, after being told that she would be learning the trumpet -- her third choice, and that we would have to obtain one on our own, she exercised a new-found confidence and told her teacher that she could get a clarinet (second choice) from her violin teacher (free) and would much
rather play that then the trumpet. She did this in lieu of handing over the note from mom that said "call me." Said teacher was lovely and let her use the clarinet. (Her violin teacher has now said that Female child can keep the clarinet for good -- it is apparently a good clarinet so this is not a frivolous gift.)

Then, she showed an aptitude for her new instrument that had her figuring out songs on her own much as she had already done on both the violin and piano.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when she was selected, with 5 other students, to take additional, afterschool lessons which would lead to a featured spot in the Spring concert and ... Playing at graduation. Yesterday the 5th graders treated their families to a lovely Spring Concert and when Female Child stood up for the featured passage, I cried.

It is both wonderful and sad to see your child grow up and I am so proud of her for pursuing her passions that it overwhelms me. If you have a child, go to them and hug them hard. They are young for so short a time.

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