Sunday, April 09, 2006


(O.k., this is not the greatest picture -- I see that one of the buttons is trying to play hide-and-seek -- but at least my facial expression is decent. I have a slightly better photo of the sweater but my face looks like I ate something nasty.)

Finished! I finally confronted my fears and finished Gloucester. Thursday and Friday evenings were spent recrocheting the first rounds that I had to rip out and finishing the edging. Saturday lost over an hour to washing and carefully, tape measure in hand, blocking it out on my bed. Please note that Saturday was a damp, icy, icky day here in NYC and NOT the best conditions for a sweater to dry in before bed time. Keeping this in mind, I shifted Gloucester to my side of the bed before leaving the house to take Male Child to a birthday party. (He saw Ice Age 2 in which the word Squid is used often!)

When I returned, five hours later, Gloucester was still not dry despite the overhead fan going full force. Gee, who would have guessed! (please note sarcasm there) While my side of the comforter was icky damp, the sheets were dry so I was able to use another blanket without having to remake the bed. Phew!

Gloucester, meanwhile was gently folded in its damp towel and set aside for the night.

This morning I lay it out again while I did the laundry and then, being able to wait no longer, tried it on. IT FITS!!! It flares a little at the bottom and ultimately needed 4 fewer buttons but IT FITS!!! Gloucester will make its public debut tomorrow at work and then again on Thursday for the second Seder.

Project notes:

Pattern: Gloucester from Jean Frost's Jackets

Yarn: Cascade 220 4.5 skeins used in main color and .5 used of each of the contrast colors

Changes made: 4 stitches fewer then called for were cast on and ultimately used in the back. It did not make a difference as the back flares a bit anyway. This was a mistake that I decided not to fix.

Like factor: It is nice but I think I may not be a Chanel type of gal. I think it is a bit too blocky looking once on. I will wear it and it will be a part of my regular work wardrobe and will not be relegated to the "never wear" pile. However, I will look for a different style next time.

On other fronts I also managed to skein up and wash four skeins of the Jacob and will skein up the remaining four this evening. I think I have the pattern for it (Boylston, also from Jean Frost's Jackets)but it first requires a trip to Knitty City for contrast yarn. I am going to try to hold off on this until Friday and use up some other yarns before I bring something new in to the house.

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