Thursday, June 29, 2006


I will skip a Graduation report. Suffice to say that it is over. We hugged, we cried and I think that is all I will say about that. No pictures -- I was on stage for most of it and doing crowd control / directing graduates for the rest. I think I kind of like the part about assisting with the graduates. It got me in a position where I could hug my faves without slowing up the works.

When I left for work yesterday, I left an essentially intact apartment. Reorganized, but intact. When I got home, however, I found this (male child's closet):
And this (view into Female Child's room taken from living room):
And this (Female Child's closet):
And I leave you with this:
Six violins in a row. (We only own 5 of them, the 6th is going back on Monday. (Actually, we only own 4 of them -- one belongs to my brother-in-law and we are not quite sure what will happen with it. It may take the trip to Kentucky with us in a few weeks.)) They spend the day resting on my bed to keep them safe.

Now, off to that last day of work.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

3 a.m.

It is almost 3 a.m. and I am wide awake. This does not bode well for Graduation this afternoon.

This is a weird week. I am packing at home (all done) and packing at work. At work the packing is to leave all surfaces clear so that the custodian can get a good cleaning done. I am, however, being defeated as construction grit keeps blowing through my airconditioner and on to my computer and papers. Now, the easy answer would be to turn off the a/c but ... it isn't on! I showed this to my custodian (a wonderful new guy) and I think he is excited about the challenge of getting the building up to his standards while keeping ahead of the contractor's dirt. Fine with me. I fully expect to find the building shining when we return at the end of August. He even promised to refinish my gym floor. I think I'm in love! (O.k., maybe not, but I really like this guy!)

Today is a short day in the NYC schools -- the last day. My kids are being picked up by my Dad and will spend the next two days with my folks. This will get them through the first set of demolition with, I hope, minimal stress. The Male child is bouncing along merrily, the Female child is taking this hard. Part of it is that up until last year, the last two days of June were always spent with Mike and his Mom. The four of them would hang out together and do things like go rowing in Central Park while I worked. Last year, the kids spent those days with my folks while Mike and his siblings and I spent in the the MICU waiting room. This is not an easy week.

I will try not to be too maudlin but if you are looking for light reading, skip Friday / Saturday's post.

As a post-script to yesterday's post -- we decided to buy the violin so, the Female Child now has something to grow in to.

As a post-script to the post from the day before -- I am zipping along on a new sock from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks. I do not remember which one right now and, as the computer is precariously perched on my lap and the lights are out, I am not checking. I promise to fill you all in at a later time.

Now to surf myself to sleep ...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On Your Mark ...

Get Set ... Demolish!

The construction starts tomorrow. This means that tonight will be a flurry of activity as we do the final preparations which include dismantling the dining room table (a friend is taking it) and moving the Female Child's bed in to her brother's room.

Somehow we are also squeezing in violin lessons today and Mike will decided if he wants to buy one or both of the violins that he has been trying out. He took them to be evaluated by some professionals yesterday and is slightly on the fence. It seems that the one he and Female child really love is a bit long of neck. If Female child continues to grow ala' her mother, then she will have large hands and long, slender, fingers. This will work with the violin. We are possibly taking a chance but they both love the sound of it so I suspect that we will own it by the end of the evening.

I was not brought up with music of this sort in my life. We were more of a Broadway Musical kind of family along with music with rousing and /or funny lyrics. Until I met Himself I did not really know from Classical music and I certainly did not know anyone who played the violin. During those first few summers of our courtship, I was introduced to Concerts in the Park -- the NY Philharmonic playing on the Great Lawn of Central Park. I was also introduced to Theater in the Park and got my first real taste of Shakespeare.

We try to combine our upbringings with me blasting the kids with show tunes in the car (Male child could sing the entire score to West Side Story at age 4) and Classical music in the apartment. Mike spent much of the last year ripping his dad's classical record collection to digital form. He is not even a third of the way done -- there were over 5000 albums. (They are mostly stored at his sister's house.) They were played aloud, for the most part, during this process, providing a nice calm backdrop to sometimes misty-eyed year.

Last year we were all introduced to Live Opera and instantly fell in love. Honestly, I never thought I would like opera. We have a friend who is the equivelent of an Operatic Crack Dealer. First she gifted us with free rehersal tickets. Then free tickets to a few Operas, then it came: "I can get you tickets to Die Fledermaus but you have to pay a little." Now we are hungering for season tickets -- orchestra of course -- and are trying to figure out if we can afford this. They would have to be weekend matinee's due to Male Child's tendancey to get migranes when kept out too late. Hmm ...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Knitting along

I have a severe case of startitis. For some reason I feel that I should have multiple projects in progress for various events. For example, I have one Trekking sock on the needles (see the project in my hands in the last post) but feel that I should knit the edging for the second so that I will have it all ready for plain knitting when I finish the first. Since I am in no danger of finishing it any time soon, this is a somewhat unreasonable fear. Unlike the graduation in the last post, the next graduation I attend will have me up on stage, unable to knit.

To forestall my ravishing the ball of trekking, I started and finished these little socks. They are made from the rainbow dying experiment from dye-o-rama. (Dear sister, please do not panic, they will only come to your child if you ask -- otherwise they are probably going to charity. I just needed to knit something small and quick.)

Then there are these sockettes, finished the night before graduation. They are displayed, so nicely, on the feet of their owner, the famous Female child.
And then there is this:The One Skein Wonder from Glampyre.

It was highlighted on another blog and I thought it might be cute for the other sister. There was work involved in getting this pattern -- my paypal account had not been used in several years and so was not active. The yarn is leftover from the Futurama socks.

I also did some spinning of some scarily bright, very neppy wool acquired when I was still a spinning newbie. I am letting it do it's thing and intend to knit a felted bag out of it so the neppiness won't matter. The pattern that I think I want, however, is of course, packed away. We will see just how much I get spun before the construction ends. Maybe I won't need the pattern or maybe I will just get a different one.

And there you go. On the apartment front, the kids rooms are now essentially empty. We will clear off the walls tomorrow and make the final storage room run.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Graduation Number 1

This started out as a whiney post about the length of the graduation but you don't want to read a whine.

So instead I give you this:
And this:
(Those are her first dangly earrings.)

And this:

I managed to completely knit a heel during the graduation.

To add to all of the celebrating of birthday / graduation / lost tooth (yup, she lost one last night),also just we found out that Female Child made it in to the Math Honors program at her new middle school. Yea!!! Now she is being a good kid and writing her thank you notes.

And last, because he is NOT chopped liver, I give you this:Here he is at his end of year publishing party this morning. I know this picture makes him look like he is about to cry but trust me, he was happy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to my First Born

How do you go from this:
To this:
In the blink of an eye?

This is our bestest girl, our sweetie, pickle, cutie, smartie. I could probably go on but my eyes are filling with tears of pride and joy. From the moment she entered our lives she has been the joy of our days and the light of our lives.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

(For those of you who wonder if this is the all-female-child-all-the-time blog, I promise to show more of the second born after all of this week's celebrations are over. He is also my pride and joy and is NOT chopped liver!) Thursday, Graduation!

Summer Has Arrived

Here are the reasons why I know that summer has arrived:
1. It is a Gallon jug of sunblock. Yes, a gallon. Note the neat pump on top. No more spilling sunblock all over the floor. (My floor was recently voted least likely to get sunburned.) This lovely jug of anti-skin-cancer juice was delivered on Friday and has already seen significant use.

2. Traffic is light. Yesterday morning I made it from 26th street to 81st street without having to stop for a single traffic light. This means that there was no traffic to impede my perfect 30 mph cruise. (The lights are timed for 30 mph.) This means that people have already started taking 3 and 4 day weekends. It does not bode well for today, however.

3. Tomorrow is a certain someone's birthday and that has meant, for the last 11 years, that it is summer.4. One of the adults in this household has been out almost every other weeknight since June began. (The identity of the adult changes.) This means that Retirement Party, End of Year Party, Awards ceremonies, Graduations and assorted other end-of-school-year celebrations are in full swing. Last night was Mike's night as he attended a function for a program that raises money for his school. Tonight is my night with our Senior Awards Ceremony. Please think cool thoughts. Our auditorium is NOT air conditioned.

5. Spring Regents are in full swing and I am getting considerable exercise running up and down the stairs to the Vault. I think of this as my pre-summer conditioning. The combination of the stairs and the schleping of the exams up the stairs (Because dragging a cart from one end of the building, to the center and back to the original end (one floor down) is just silly most of the time.) provides a pretty good workout.

6. A tomato is ripe.7. My morning glories are growing several inches each day and ... have already started flowering. Unfortunately, they are flowering at a time when I am not around to see them. Boo.
How do you know that summer has arrived? Tell me in the comments!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

100th Post

Wow, has it been that many? To celebrate, we have cake! Made by Mike! (Want to see more of his creations? Click here.)O.k., so maybe the cake is not for the 100th blog. Maybe it is for the Female Child.
Who, with six of her friends, had a lovely tea party / birthday party at the T Salon. A lovely time was had by all but no more pictures will be forthcoming because I am only just getting the hang of using Picassa and I cannot figure out how to blur the other kids faces. I probably can't do it in Picassa but then looking at pictures of lovely young ladies with blurred faces is not so exciting anyway.

The actual birthday is next week and we will celebrate a bit more then.

I was pleased that the young ladies all had a good time chatting, drinking tea and partaking in a "proper tea" with scones with jam and clotted cream, tea sandwiches, fruit and sweets. Surprisingly, they ate almost all of the sandwiches which were a bit on the sophisticated side. The arm in the picture belongs to the owner who arrived just as we were doing the cake. She had all of the girls wish along to strengthen the birthday girl's wish. I thought that was very nice.

On the way home we spotted this:

Who knew New York City had tree snakes!

Anyone want this?

In our flurry of cleaning out and packing up, this was uncovered.

It was made for the Female Child and used for a while by the Male Child. They no longer want it. I did not make it. My sister does not want it. I am offering it up to anyone that does want it. The offer will remain valid for a few days until I can pack it up and donate it to the Teen Moms program at a local hospital. I will pay shipping to make sure this goes to a good home.

You will be returned to your regular blog later today with pictures from the Birthday Party. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Before the Demolition

We are spending much of this weekend packing up in preparation for the renovations that will start on the 28th.
As promised, here are the before pictures with explanations. Wait six weeks or so for the after pictures.

This is the dining room / foyer area. The wall behind the ceiling fan (with the hummingbird painting) is the one that is coming down.

Here it is from it's other side, inside Female Child's room. It is the wall with the sunflower picture on it and it forms a small corridor in to her room. The new door will face where the sunflower picture is. The old door is out of the picture on the left. The large plant is named Brosin and is, I believe, a Dracinea. It was grown from a cutting from one that my mother-in-law had. There are two other Brosins in the apartment, one in the Male Child's room and one in my room. The other two were cut from this one. I suspect that this Brosin will get a massive "hair cut" after the construction. It hits the ceiling right now.

Female Child's windows. The shades were originally in our living room in a different apartment. They may be replaced. We are definately putting in curtains of some sort and a shelf will go above the windows so she can display her tchokes.

Female Child's closet. Note the door. The walls on either side of the door actually conceal the rest of the closet wherein lies the problem. The closet is almost unusable as is since we have to do some interesting feats of gymnastics to get anything on either side of the door. The walls are coming down and sliding doors are going up so that the entire closet will be usable.

Same thing in the Male Child's room. You can get a sense of the stupidity of the layout in this picture.

Both closets have to, obviously, be cleaned out as well as most of their belongings from the rest of the rooms. We have already moved the one of the big bookcases and the dresser out of the Female Child's room in to our room and placed a small bookcase from our room in to storage. We did not throw out the book case I mentioned the other day, we just relocated it in our room to make room for the dresser.

Unfortunately, cleaning and packing is taking precedence over biking today. Tomorrow, to no small extent, revolves around the Female Child's birthday Tea Party. She and Mike will decorate the cake later so look for pictures of it tomorrow.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I did it!

I made the conference and airline reservations and am going two day early to play with my friend. Why do I feel guilty?

And ... the most important question ... what knitting should I bring with me?


Mike met with the contractor last night and we have to kick in to high gear with getting Female Child's room totally emptied. I am going to check out a mini-storage facility this evening and we should be able to start schleping stuff over tomorrow. Last night I emptied a bookcase in my room that contained mostly fiber. We will be relegating that bookcase to the trash. It is old and will not handle being moved around too much. I know ... bookcases in the trash ... blasphemy. We have made the kids spend lots of time in the last few weeks thinning out their belongings and now I am in "pack it or throw it out" mode. No more sorting and thinking for me.

Once again, I am left with the most important question: what fiber stuff do I leave out and what do I pack? I have already folded the loom and put it in its bag. The main wheel will probably go in to the storage room while the journey wheel may stay but probably not. I think spindles will suffice and the charka will ease those "got to spin fast" cravings. I am trying to keep most of the yarn stash accessible in the apartment.

The construction will creep in to every room in the apartment except for the master bedroom. The contractors will need the kitchen sink for their water needs and will use my balcony for their tools and lunch. Both kids' rooms are having 2/3 of their closet walls demolished. (The closet door placement was badly designed with a single door in the center and solid walls stretching to either side making 2/3 of each closet almost inaccessible.) The dining area/foyer is losing a partial wall as is Female Child's room (same wall, other side).

The end result of all of this will be easier to use closets, a larger living area and a fresh paint job in most rooms. We will be in residence for the first three and a half weeks -- most of the job -- and then will probably take off on a camping trip if they really do stretch in to the fourth week as they are now predicting.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How to not cook

Regents "week" officially started today at 1:15 P.M. when thousands of 10th graders all over New York State took the Global History Regents Exam. I view it as the beginning of the end.


I had written a well thought out piece about stress and the different testing seasons and how I started with this particular set of responsibilities but after the day I had I think it is better if I leave work well enough alone.

Instead, I will share the reason that I rarely cook. It is a much funnier story. At least I think so.

Back when the First child was born, I was the sole source of baby food. Since it was summer, Mike promised that he would feed me as I had to feed the baby. Fair enough. When fall came and we resumed work, I was forced to cook a few times a week when Mike had to work late. I had a standard repitoire and rarely burned anything. We ate pretty well if I do say so myself.

Then the Second (Male) child was born and I, once again, was the sole source of food for many months. However, I was also at home most of the time for the first few months so I did a decent amount of the cooking. Then I returned to work for the Spring semester and Mike took over again. We ate very well as he had lots of time on his hands as I was doing the drop off and pick of the kids every day.

Then the summer came. And then the Fall and a return to school. And then came the fateful night when I cooked a dish I had made many times before. This time, however, I either turned the heat up too much or added too little liquid and before we knew it we smelled it ... burnt dinner. O.k., everyone burns things. The next day I get a call at work ... "what are you going to char tonight?" I have barely cooked since. And now that I am banned from the kitchen ... hey, more knitting time!

It is Declared

... that Mommy is no allowed in the kitchen any more (except to clean it and maybe make a cup of tea)! I committed a few sins last night while left fend for myself and the kids. I left a sharp knife out -- unwashed. I left the mayonnaise out. And, I committed the ultimate sin of putting mayonnaise on Male Child's pastrami sandwich. (I didn't think he'd eat mustard and hey, the sandwich is on Potato bread!) Please note that it is not the Male child that is complaining (tho he may do so after eating his lunch today). I have been banished by the King of the Kitchen. He who provides edible food for us. I can deal with that. (This is the man who came home from work yesterday, made dinner for us, and then left to go to a work-related dinner. He left everything nice and warm and only left the steaming of the asparagus for me to do -- the people from the Big Corporation that sponsor his mentoring program were a bit astonished. Do I have it good or what!) One of these days I will share the whole long story of why I, essentially, no longer cook.

I and thinking of running away to Disney World. What do you think? Our school belongs to a consortium and the annual conference is in Orlando this year. In the past I have not been able to attend and frankly, have not wanted to. This year, however, I am thinking that two nights alone in a hotel room with food and board paid for, sounds kind of good. I am even thinking of extending it for one night. My friend is extending for two but I feel a bit guilty about going to Disney without the kids. I could rejigger camp and bring them but since someone has to stay home to supervise the construction, it really does not work.

So, dear blog reader, I am asking ... do I go? And, if I do, do I extend for a day or two?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blowin' in the Wind

The wind defeated our plan of riding up to and over the George Washington Bridge. We went as far as Fairways and then rode back down to Stuyvesant H.S., hit Chocolate Haven and then rode home. Total mileage: 17.5 so we did not break 100 miles today. The kids, however, were finally able to ride up the 2 hills on this stretch of path. The hill on the return trip is a steep, narrow, winding hill and I rarely get up it without walking because of the traffic coming in the opposite direction. They both made it but I had to walk the last few yards due to a wonky chain.

Next week, weather permitting we will try for a long ride on Saturday. On Sunday we'll host a few young ladies at a birthday Tea Party at the T Salon. To further our goal of riding on Saturday, Mike has already started baking the birthday cake. (The actual birthday is still 10 days away.)

Yesterday saw the purchase of a bike rack to attach to our newly installed hitch on the car but we still have not figured out where our first drive-to ride will be. We are contemplating riding New York State Bike Route 9 up to Mike's sister's place. This would not be a single trip, initially, but might exist as a series of "park the car and ride a 20 - 30 mile round trip" as we build up our mileage. It might be cool to view the entire 70 mile ride (one-way) as a goal for the end of the summer. We shall see ...

On a fibery note, I finally finished plying the ??? yarn and spun a bobbin-full of the rose corriedale. The plying had to be finished if I wanted to spin anything else on the Kromski -- all of my other bobbins are holding assorted singles. Woven gained a few more rows last night and the sockette gained a few while blog surfing.

On other fronts, there are two more weekends from now until summer break and the start of construction. We have three different appointments on Wednesday afternoon all looking toward the future. The first -- Sherry is coming to give 3 of us hair cuts. Woo Hoo! Male Child is looking a bit scruffy. (Mike is almost bald right now.) Then (actually, simultaneously), Heather is coming for this week's violin lessons at which we may be purchasing the kids' adult size violins. (She got a good deal on some very good violins and is giving us first crack at them.) Then ... Glen is coming to talk to us about the construction. Finally I get to talk about paint colors and flooring and timetables. Yea!!! We will try to forget that Wednesday also marks the start of the New York State Regents period and that countless high school students will be sweating through the Global History exam from 1:15 until 4:15. Personally, Wednesday marks the beginning of the end of the school year and this year I am really looking forward to it. I am not looking forward to the dust and discomfort of the construction but I am looking forward to a freshly renovated and painted apartment. I will try to put up some "before" pictures prior to Glen starting the demolition.

First Dance

I want to burst into the song "Last Dance," which is what they played as the last dance at the Female Child's first dance / party on Friday.
Here she is, all dressed up. I know you can't see it, but we even polished her toe nails. She had a good time but said to me after, "I can't dance!" My answer was simple -- me neither! When I got there, many of the girls were sobbing. Strangely enough, my kid was not one of them. Apparently, these fifth grade ladies were upset about the school year ending and everyone going to different middle schools. I can understand this. I am glad that my kid -- who gets emotional about LOTS of things, was not crying over this. Her logic -- "there are still twelve days of school." O.k. I guess we get the tears on the 28th.

While all of the drama of the dance was going on, I amused myself by sitting in a nearby Starbucks and knitting this:
Most of the Tulips and all of the Gingham were knit on Friday. I can get a fair amount done if left uninterrupted for 2 hours. The latest pair of sockettes is also growing with both socks now on the needles. I started worrying that there would not be enough to make both socks long enough so I took out my scale, split the ball, and started the second sock on my other set of size 0 circulars. I am now more confidant about the amount of yarn but I want to get the second sock up to the point of the first before I push on to the toes. Yes, I said toes. I am making these cuff-down with a dutch heel. I'm branching out! Two pairs of cuff-down socks on the needles at once. Will the world ever be the same?

Now to gear up for today's bike ride. We have big plans but may be defeated by the wind. I'll let you know.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Cross Stitch

*** My apologies for the lack of posting -- Blogger has been down the last two nights. ***

The following pictures are Theresa's fault. She has been blogging about her renewed interest in cross stitching and I was inspired to show some of my efforts over the years.

I started cross stitching while pregnant with the Female child. I took it up because my hands were too swollen to tat (my fiber hobby at the time). How I was able to hold a tiny needle but not a tatting shuttle I do not know but I kept on with the stitching for 4 or 5 years producing a fair amount of work including the pillows you see below.

Originally, they were intended to be decorative and would dress up the kids' rooms. Pooh and Piglet belong to Female Child and Eeyore and the balloon scene belong to Male Child.

You will notice that the children felt that pillows were for sleeping, not for decoration and proceeded to sleep on them every night.

When Piglet started losing his lettering, Female Child switched to Pooh. Male Child, however, never switched pillows so poor Eeyore is in shreds. Seems fitting that it is Eeyore that got loved to death.

I am not allowed to throw Eeyore out. When Male Child realized that he was beyond repair, tears fell. Big, emotion laden tears. Almost enough to make me want to remake Eeyore. Almost. I love my kids but Eeyore was boring! Lots and lots of endless blue. And, cross stitch no longer holds my attention the way it used to. So, I did what any clever mom would do, I pulled out a book of Pooh cross stitch patterns that I just happened to have handy and taught the Male Child how to cross stitch.

He is now making a new Eeyore but using a different pattern. The child is meticulous. The most obsessive stitcher would not find fault with the back of his work. He has only done a hundred stitches or so but still ... I promise to show this work of art when and if it is ever completed. Meanwhile he is sleeping on a smushy novelty pillow that we picked up somewhere. I suspect that my kids will never sleep on normal pillows.

Monday, June 05, 2006


This is what I found when I opened the door to Male Child's room this morning. If you look closely you can see a hand in the foreground (wearing a watch) and a foot in the background. The rest of said child is under the blanket.

This is what I found when I flipped back the comforter. That is Dumbo under his belly. This was one tired kid. Usually I open his door when I go in to shower and the sound of the shower and radio tend to wake him up naturally. Today I did not open the door until after the shower but I flipped the comforter immediately (after snapping the picture) and then left for a while. I then came back and turned on the hall light (right outside his room). Then I raised the volume on the t.v. Finally, only after Female Child had awoken on her own, did I gently rub his shoulder to wake him up.

I hate to actually wake the kids. They are much happier when they wake on their own -- even if I caused them to wake by doing things like opening the door or raising the blinds. I let him sleep late today to make up for the early wake-up yesterday and to give his body the chance to recuperate from the ride. I know that I was wiped out from yesterday. The constant stopping and starting was tough on my body and the section of Belgian Block paved road left my hands and arms aching.

Knitting content: The first cuff for Tulips is done. Notice how Woven is sitting out for a bit. I am on a small project kick right now but maybe if there is some good t.v. tonight Woven can see some progress.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tour de Brooklyn

My kid brother thought I was kidding when I said we were going to ride the Tour de Brooklyn today. He figured we were just going for a ride in Brooklyn. Nope. Along with hundreds -- Mike thinks possibly thousands -- of other riders, we wended our way through 19 miles of Brooklyn streets with a police escort. It was very cool but I am not sure I want to repeat it. The sheer volume of people riding bikes was way cool but the dynamics of this kind of ride were a bit frustrating, for me, with two kids along.
(the start of the ride)

As always, both kids did amazingly and the pace was slow enough that even Male Child (and his accompanying parent (me)) did not wind up at the extreme back of the pack. All told, we did about 22 miles with having to ride to 14th street and back for the subway and the ride to the Tour start from the Brooklyn subway stop.

Mike is playing with uploading our track from the GPS to Google maps and these posts may soon come with links to maps of our adventures. To further facilitate our explorations on two wheels, I am having a hitch receiver installed on the car this week so that we can put on a 4 bike carrier.

On the knitting front, I have 3 pairs of socks to present. Plain Socks 2, Pomatomous, and the Bee Stripe socks. The Bee socks look much cooler off then on. The 2 X 2 rib that I use on the kids socks causes the stripes to look fuzzy here. The heel shot shows the stripes much better. The Plain Socks are knit in Trekking XXL (color forgotten), Pomatomous is knit in Claudia's Handpaints and Bee Stripes are knit in Lorna's Laces Bee Stripe. For those of you using Claudia's Handpaints -- watch out if you are knitting for large feet. Two skeins JUST made it for my size 10 feet. One of the skeins had less than a yard left after kitchering. Now on the needles, a pair of sockettes for Female child using the first Dye-o-rama attempt. Soon to go on are the Tulip and Gingham socks from Knitpicks for the same child.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unexpected Life

I did NOT plant Morning Glories this year. So, why ...
do I have 4 Morning Glory plants growing?

I do recognize them. Morning Glories have been a staple of my little balcony garden ever since I started it a few years ago and discovered how pretty they are in bloom. I love futzing with them and training them along my string trellises to try to get a nice effect. I did not plant them this year because I have had a persistent problem with some sort of bug that winds up killing them and almost everything else on my balcony. Instead, I only planted things that seem to resist the annual infestation -- tomatoes and daisys. I did not even water the pots that used to hold the Morning Glories. But then, it rained. And it rained. And one of the pots was near the edge of the balcony so it got wet. And it got sun. And old seeds sprouted. Now I have morning glories growing and I had to rig another trellis in a year when I had sworn off fiddly gardening because of the construction. So much for that. I cannot intentionally kill a baby plant. (Unintentionally, sure but not intentionally.) And so I will have Morning Glories. Yea!!

Tomorrow I should have both knitting and biking content.